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August 31st, 2011


Roslyn McGrath is back this week and we channel Earth and Alien energies.  At first I think Roslyn wasn't sure about channeling the alien energies but she was kind enough to give it a try.  Some people may argue that channeling is the work of the devil, according to Roslyn she wouldn't allow anything dark to work through her, because she can feel the presence of whatever or whoever is speaking.  Usually after we're done she will tell me that she enjoyed the energies that work speaking through her.  Her work is always for the highest good.

One thing is for sure that if you give me a chance to ask questions, I will do that.  I ask the Earth enegies if we are going to see more turbulence within the next year.  I also ask them how many specific events are going to happen.  In turn, and this is selfish on my part, I ask if I will be safe where I'm at.  The answer was yes.  And just so this doesn't freak you out, they always add a disclaimer saying that this too may come to pass.  The Earth energies claim it's really up to us, and not just our physical actions, but our thoughts and attitudes as well.  Do we need a big thunderous wake up call?  No.

So I figured if we can contact just about any type of energy, why not try the Alien energies?  Can't hurt, right?  Did I have an experience with a gray?  Do they even exist?  What are they here for?  Are there others who are visiting or connecting with us?  What is their purpose?  How long have we had interaction with them?  Why not shoot for the moon, I say.  How often will I get the chance to talk to Alien energies?  I even asked about one of my guests and his apparent interaction with aliens.  Some interesting answers.  See for yourself. 

Roslyn's website:  www.intuitivelearningcreations.com

In Search Of The Lindbergh Baby

August 25th, 2011

insearchoflindberghbaby.jpg Theon Wright wrote a book called:  In Search Of The Lindbergh Baby.  Theon Wright interviewed Harold Olson who once lived in Escanaba Michigan and believed he may have been the Lindbergh baby.  Judy Papineau read the book from her mother, years later she would write a screenplay about the book.  The process took many years.  Judy happened to be browsing the internet and coincidently found my show, in turn I put her in contact with Anita Carlson.  Anita had been on previous shows making a claim that just seemed too unbelievable to be true- Harold Olson may have been the Lindbergh baby.  Anita knew Harold and always believed him to be a cousin until one fatefull day when he came to visit them with an unusual message in 1969.  So many things appeared to line up in support of Harold.  If you go back in my archives you can hear our interviews.

Judy and Anita agreed to come in and talk about the Lindbergh kidnapping, Harold Olson and Theon Wright.  Judy didn't even know that Anita lived in the same town, what are odds of that?  And what drove Judy to find my sight so she could eventually make contact with Anita?  Anita tells me that she still feels Harold's spirit and believes he is moving this story forward from the other side.  Sound crazy?  In one of my first shows on this site I interviewed a woman who served on a jury in a case that wound up on the tv show Dateline.  This juror revealed that every time the woman (who was murdered) was mentioned, she felt a chill pass by.  Later in conversations with other jurors, the bailiff, and courtroom workers, they too said they felt the chill!  Do spirits hang around if there's unfinished business?  Is Harold still trying to get this story out?  If he's on the other side, and this is a bit of a stretch, is it possible he knows the real truth and has met his father over there?  Perhaps that should be saved for a show for a seance show, or for one of my other regular guests who does readings.

Part of what I find really interesting is that in Judy's screenplay she talks about how the famed 20th century psychic Edgar Cayce did readings in an attempt to find the Lindbergh baby.  Cayce revealed the child was actually in a house and was alive.  It was considered as a missed reading for Cayce by authorities and Cayce himself.  Or was it?  Did Edgar Cayce reveal real location of the Lindbergh baby?  Was Harold Olson at that location?  This week I welcome Anita Carlson and Judy Papineau, both from Escanaba Michigan.


August 17th, 2011

s-UK-RIOTS-SOCIAL-MEDIA-large300.jpgI look at those who live in supressed nations and are willing to protest at great risk to try to gain more freedom.  Then you look at what has been happening in Britain and you wonder, why?  What great injustice has been done to these poor people?  From what I can see they have no reason to riot.  There are those who are just looking for a reason to cause trouble, and the police are helpless.  Why?  They can't carry guns, and believe it or not, the people don't trust them carrying guns.  Really?  The Brittish populace is not allowed arm themselves either, are they setting themselves up for disaster?  The Brittish Prime Minister says much of this has been brought on by generations of welfarism, those expecting something for nothing.

Hannalore Helmling was born in Germany in 1929, she survived World War 2, even though her own mother died in a bomb shelter.  Life was not easy for her, yet no complaints.  After the war she married a G.I. and moved to the states.  After that marriage didn't work out, she married a second husband and moved to Michigan.  In 1960 Hannalore gave birth to her fourth child.  That child would go on to become a radio dj with a curious mind.  One thing Hannalore told him, be weary when your government takes away your weapons you will have no way to defend yourself.  She knew this first hand after living under a facist government.  My mother, Hannalore, told me this from her own experiences, this week another mom speaks of her own experiences.  Stacy Yates grew up in Hartlespool England.  She understands what is going on over there but also since she's been here for a while she can see it from a different perspective than most.  According to Stacy, many in England are worried what happens in the States will wind up over there, Stacy says "It already has."  Many feel the U.S. is filled with gun happy citizens, that is not accurate.  I have a 22 rifle, that's it, it has been sitting in my closet for years. Up here a lot of people have hand guns and rifles because of deer and other game hunting, however very few have ever created an incident.  Perhaps it is propaganda that is used to scare others.  Certainly in the bigger cities there are more problems with guns, but just imagine if the police didn't have them to fight back?  This week Stacy Yates shares her feeling and concerns for her mother country.

The main reason I did this show was to give you a wake up call.  Is this the beginning of what is to become of socialist countries?  How long can you keep letting others take from the pot and not put anything back in?  What happens when you create apathy?  Are there others who are benefitting from all of this?  This may be a great opportunity to seek some answers.  What can we do?  Are you feeling helpless?  About the only thing you can do is listen and maybe learn, stop thinking you have all the answers and listen.  Pretty hard to do when the ego doesn't want that to happen.  That's why I like being humble and those that are.  And the meek shall inherit the earth. 

Did you ever hear of the term collective?  The theory is that when enough of us get the message there will be a change.  Have you ever noticed throughout history that the world's thinking seemed to change overnight?  If we are all connected through our thoughts, then what is the magical number of people needed to bring forth change?   You can't think the thoughts unless you know what's going on.  Might I suggest Hillary Raimo?  (www.hillaryraimo.com)   What I like about her is that her message is spiritual and open, to all possibilities.


August 9th, 2011

lindabeast5.jpgThey call it the Michigan Paranormal Conference and it's taking place this Friday and Saturday (8/13/11) at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.  Last year, the first one drew over 1200 people.  This week my guest, Linda Godfrey, will be one of many who will be in attendance.  Also appearing at the show:  Steve Gonslaves and Dave Tango (Ghosthunters), Stanton Friedman (ufo expert) , Jim Couling (Twilight Walking Tours and a guest on my show) John Zaffis (Demonolgist) Brit Griffith (Ghosthunters) Kathleen Tedson/Beverly Rydel (Authors of Haunted Travels Of Michigan), plus many many more.  Pictured with Linda is the elusive man/wolf or as some call him, dogman.  He seems like a friendly chap, although if you listen to the interview you may come away with a different opinion......

I've talked to Linda a few times and each time I learn a little more about this mythical being called the man/wolf.  However in this show Linda also shares some personal experiences about an exorcism, a ghosty picture from her childhood, and her own bizarre incident with the man/wolf while filming with the History Channel.  Plus we go into New Englands dog/cat creature, sasquatch, and more. Again, Linda is extremely down to earth, not on an ego trip, and just here to present her findings to those who listen.  While some of those others may get more attention, my experience in life has taught me that the humble observers often have the most to say, and what they say is probably the most accurate.  As I've stated in the past, when someone starts to hype their findings, you have to ask yourself, why? 

That is why I like speaking to Linda, she is open minded, skeptical, and has a sense of humor which keeps her grounded.




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