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Roslyn McGrath is back this week and we channel Earth and Alien energies.  At first I think Roslyn wasn't sure about channeling the alien energies but she was kind enough to give it a try.  Some people may argue that channeling is the work of the devil, according to Roslyn she wouldn't allow anything dark to work through her, because she can feel the presence of whatever or whoever is speaking.  Usually after we're done she will tell me that she enjoyed the energies that work speaking through her.  Her work is always for the highest good.

One thing is for sure that if you give me a chance to ask questions, I will do that.  I ask the Earth enegies if we are going to see more turbulence within the next year.  I also ask them how many specific events are going to happen.  In turn, and this is selfish on my part, I ask if I will be safe where I'm at.  The answer was yes.  And just so this doesn't freak you out, they always add a disclaimer saying that this too may come to pass.  The Earth energies claim it's really up to us, and not just our physical actions, but our thoughts and attitudes as well.  Do we need a big thunderous wake up call?  No.

So I figured if we can contact just about any type of energy, why not try the Alien energies?  Can't hurt, right?  Did I have an experience with a gray?  Do they even exist?  What are they here for?  Are there others who are visiting or connecting with us?  What is their purpose?  How long have we had interaction with them?  Why not shoot for the moon, I say.  How often will I get the chance to talk to Alien energies?  I even asked about one of my guests and his apparent interaction with aliens.  Some interesting answers.  See for yourself. 

Roslyn's website:  www.intuitivelearningcreations.com

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