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lindabeast5.jpgThey call it the Michigan Paranormal Conference and it's taking place this Friday and Saturday (8/13/11) at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.  Last year, the first one drew over 1200 people.  This week my guest, Linda Godfrey, will be one of many who will be in attendance.  Also appearing at the show:  Steve Gonslaves and Dave Tango (Ghosthunters), Stanton Friedman (ufo expert) , Jim Couling (Twilight Walking Tours and a guest on my show) John Zaffis (Demonolgist) Brit Griffith (Ghosthunters) Kathleen Tedson/Beverly Rydel (Authors of Haunted Travels Of Michigan), plus many many more.  Pictured with Linda is the elusive man/wolf or as some call him, dogman.  He seems like a friendly chap, although if you listen to the interview you may come away with a different opinion......

I've talked to Linda a few times and each time I learn a little more about this mythical being called the man/wolf.  However in this show Linda also shares some personal experiences about an exorcism, a ghosty picture from her childhood, and her own bizarre incident with the man/wolf while filming with the History Channel.  Plus we go into New Englands dog/cat creature, sasquatch, and more. Again, Linda is extremely down to earth, not on an ego trip, and just here to present her findings to those who listen.  While some of those others may get more attention, my experience in life has taught me that the humble observers often have the most to say, and what they say is probably the most accurate.  As I've stated in the past, when someone starts to hype their findings, you have to ask yourself, why? 

That is why I like speaking to Linda, she is open minded, skeptical, and has a sense of humor which keeps her grounded.



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