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In Search Of The Lindbergh Baby


insearchoflindberghbaby.jpg Theon Wright wrote a book called:  In Search Of The Lindbergh Baby.  Theon Wright interviewed Harold Olson who once lived in Escanaba Michigan and believed he may have been the Lindbergh baby.  Judy Papineau read the book from her mother, years later she would write a screenplay about the book.  The process took many years.  Judy happened to be browsing the internet and coincidently found my show, in turn I put her in contact with Anita Carlson.  Anita had been on previous shows making a claim that just seemed too unbelievable to be true- Harold Olson may have been the Lindbergh baby.  Anita knew Harold and always believed him to be a cousin until one fatefull day when he came to visit them with an unusual message in 1969.  So many things appeared to line up in support of Harold.  If you go back in my archives you can hear our interviews.

Judy and Anita agreed to come in and talk about the Lindbergh kidnapping, Harold Olson and Theon Wright.  Judy didn't even know that Anita lived in the same town, what are odds of that?  And what drove Judy to find my sight so she could eventually make contact with Anita?  Anita tells me that she still feels Harold's spirit and believes he is moving this story forward from the other side.  Sound crazy?  In one of my first shows on this site I interviewed a woman who served on a jury in a case that wound up on the tv show Dateline.  This juror revealed that every time the woman (who was murdered) was mentioned, she felt a chill pass by.  Later in conversations with other jurors, the bailiff, and courtroom workers, they too said they felt the chill!  Do spirits hang around if there's unfinished business?  Is Harold still trying to get this story out?  If he's on the other side, and this is a bit of a stretch, is it possible he knows the real truth and has met his father over there?  Perhaps that should be saved for a show for a seance show, or for one of my other regular guests who does readings.

Part of what I find really interesting is that in Judy's screenplay she talks about how the famed 20th century psychic Edgar Cayce did readings in an attempt to find the Lindbergh baby.  Cayce revealed the child was actually in a house and was alive.  It was considered as a missed reading for Cayce by authorities and Cayce himself.  Or was it?  Did Edgar Cayce reveal real location of the Lindbergh baby?  Was Harold Olson at that location?  This week I welcome Anita Carlson and Judy Papineau, both from Escanaba Michigan.

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