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October 27th, 2010

zombie.jpgOnly on this program will you find solid evidence of so called legends and mythical creatures.  Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts, etc.  Don't believe me?  Want evidence?  What could be more proof than a conversation with the real thing?  Don't believe me, listen if you dare.  This week actual interviews with the dead!!!

Okay so this week is a bit of fun, although there are 3 true stories that I tell within the framework of this show, and the way I did this show may be a bit creepy for some, proceed with caution.  This show is a little spooky.  Or maybe you won't think it is, good, my goal is not to frighten anyone. 

DRACPIC2.jpgStory number one takes place a few years ago involving a young gal who told me something unbelieveable.  Really, I don't know how anyone could believe her story.  Story number two is something that actually happened to my brother and was really weird.  Story number three involves a good friend from work who crossed the path of some-thing not of this earth.  He also got to know two others who had a similar experience, coincidently one of those people bought a house right next to him.  What are the odds of that?

Hopefully next week we have an author who has had some real life ghost experiences and wrote a fictional book about ghosts and hauntings. 

Have a happy halloween!!!!


October 21st, 2010

0041-0503-1815-3046.jpgI am always getting emails or calls to talk to certain guests, usually they are paying someone to promote them.  I don't have a problem with that, it's hard to get the word out.  My problem is that I don't want to promote someone who I don't think is authentic just for the sake of having an interview.  So how can I be sure?  I can't.  But what's really cool is that during the interview if we make a connection.  I'm not talking about a friendship, I'm talking about a similar wavelength.  I am looking for certain criteria:  Is the guest geniune?  Is their product or book something that could help others.  As an added bonus, are they spiritually aware?  Now that may seem a bit silly but this show has more going on than it appears and to be honest almost all of my guests have shared something unique about themselves whether during the interview, or after.  That is the connecting fabric in all (well maybe most) of my shows. 

Above is a picture of an elderly confused man.  Some may think it's funny and perhaps at times it can be.  However it isn't a whole lot of fun for the caretakers and family.  This week I talk to Mark Underwood out of Madison Wisconsin who is the driving force behind a product called Prevagen.  What is Prevagen?  Good question.  It is a product taken from jelly fish that is supposed to help with memory loss.  It's all natural and the only side effects it has is that it helps people sleep better and dream more.  If that is true, then that is a great bonus.  I feel dreaming is very vital to us, I (not necessarilly Mark) believe it opens the doors to the other side for possible communication from time to time.  I only believe this because it has happened to myself and several others that I have spoken to.  One guy I work with actually had his mother communicate through a dream telling him to get his health checked, good thing too, he had several arteries that were blocked and that could have led to a stroke or heart attack. 

MarkUnderwood.jpgIt took Mark Underwood 15 years to develope his product.  Years of research went into this supplement before it was released for purchase.  Mark told me originally he was driven to do this to help a friend with M.S.  He also told me he may be a scientist but he also has a belief in a higher power and that the higher power put things here on Earth for us to find so we can stay healthy.  Interesting.  Mark did agree with me that it seems there may be some who are only in it for profit regardless of what kind of side effects their product may have.  Finally we talk about dreams, Mark has some background in dream analysis so I find that interesting. 



October 13th, 2010

AllAboardForWeb_thumbnail.jpgThis week it gives me great joy to bring back Debi Tibbles and the story of her son Ollie.  It is a remarkable story that transends the flesh.  Imagine losing your son to cancer at age 7, your life spinning out of control, and then getting a message from the other side.  Then you watch events unfold and you begin to realize this is part of a bigger plan, even though you still don't have all of the answers.  Is this what lays ahead for all of us?  Not necessarily.  How come this happens to others and not me?  Maybe because you don't want it to.  Maybe it does and you don't even recognize it.

Throughout our history we have had many Messengers, those that came only in love and stayed for usually a short time.  From my perspective, I believe Ollie fit that category.  He chose to leave at an early age, then he chose to come back and make contact, and finally he chose to be a part of a material object that would serve as a reminder for all of us.  Now, does this seem a little bizarre?  Do you believe in spirits or ghosts, or that we go on from our physical bodies?  Where do we go?  Good question, where do we go?  I am fascinated by this.  Now some of you would say, Heaven or that other place.  Perhaps so, but how do you explain those that come back to visit or even be a part of your life?  Many people I have talked to over the years have told me that everything is by choice.  We choose to be here, we choose to come back, we basically are given total freedom to do as we wish.  The only problem is that we get a bit lost along the way and sometimes we need reminders to help us find our way home, if we choose.  How could I possibly think this way?  From all of my own experiences from seeing an actual spirit or ghost leaning over my wife while she was sleeping, to a lantern turning on by itself, to my dad's very unusual visit in 1996- 12 years after he passed, to having my own private communication with a chickadee a week after a friend passed.  Do you see why I think this way?  Should I be in a padded room?


Debi Tibbles feels the need to tell Ollie's story, wouldn't you?  Furthermore, she was instructed by Ollie to do so.  It doesn't come easy.  I can still see pain in her face at times when she talks about her son, yet I see great joy in his message.  It takes some courage to step and say you think your son has been communicating from beyond the grave, imagine how others will respond.  Why would someone even do this?  To help others, to open the door for someone else.   Does pay it forward ring a bell?

Debi's site:  www.debitibbles.comollie3.jpg

Her book:  All Aboard, How Ollie Tibbles Became A Train


October 6th, 2010

alenface.jpgThanks to my buddy David Twichell for this weeks show.  David had Marilyn Rueben on his show recently and I got in contact with her to do yet another show about aliens and ufo's.  Too much?  I know I try to vary the shows so it's not always one topic but sometimes things just line up a certain way.  Last week I had a really nice chat with Jim Moroney, this week from Lansing Michigan it's Marilyn Rueben.  Like myself, and so many others, Marilyn had her own strange encounters that got her seeking answers.  About 15 years ago she started a website:  www.abduct.com to record supposed interactions with alien beings.  Sound weird?  What I find interesting is that so many from all over the world are reporting strange interactions.  All they all crackpots?  Are they all halucinating?  Are they all on drugs? 

A couple of things in my own life.  When I was four or five I had these strange events happen to me, and it was at least a dozen times.  At the time I had no idea what it was.  Years later I thought it was some sort of out of body experience, could it have been something else?  I am just realizing that as I write this, wow!  Could it be, hmmm?  In 1968 I saw a strange oval object, that my parents witnessed as well, move slowly accross the eastern horizon.  In 1992 I had what I believe was a visitation from what is termed a grey when I was sleeping at my mothers house.  In 2005 I saw a gray metalic object traveling west at low elevatation into the sunlight and it only was visible when it turned and the sun caught it just right.  I don't know what that was, I figured a plane of some sort.  Before my mom died in 1997 she said there was a strange light outside of her home and it wasn't the moon.  My son saw a ufo split into two right above his head when camping in the early 90's.  My wife saw a ufo with a friend while driving back on a highway one night.  My mother in law saw a craft land with her sister as a witness.  Plus many friends have told me many stories as well.  Do you see why I believe?  Are we all nuts?  Listen, none of these people including myself have gone around telling others or talking about this a lot, well maybe I have quite a bit.


b73.jpgMarilyn operated her website out of her own time and pocket, similar to what I'm doing with this site.  Are we making money from this?  Um, can't you tell by looking at my site?  No.  Why do we do this?  We feel the need to connect with others and allow what may be a form of the truth to be presented.  In this weeks show we get into a lot of Alien topics, for me it's second nature, I have heard most of this before.  For some of you this may be new, please proceed with caution.  I am not doing this to create fear, instead by accepting what may be going on we can move past fear.  I think.  What is going on?  Well, unlike our gentle approach by Jim last week (which I totally support) this weeks show is a little more to the meat, shall I say.  It deals with abductions, implants, hybrid babies, even knowing if you may have been taken, typical ufo stuff which Marilyn speaks of so casually since she's been around it for so long.  I see a lot in the ufo community as being leary of doing interviews because so often they are not taken seriously.  I also see them as being a bit negative at times because so often they are duped or tired of disinformation.  I don't share all of their opinions but I do believe that something weird is going on.  As you may have heard me say before, to me it's all connected and it's part of the greater, there are no accidents even when dealing with any of the unknown.  Furthermore, I don't approach these things with fear, perhaps those that experience uncomfortable events are seeing it through their own fear.

I will say this.  You will hear it from Marilyn herself.  If you are taken, you can make the experience more pleasant or less pleasant depending on your response and attitude.  Perhaps we have more control of these situations than we realize?

Marilyn's site:   www.abduct.com


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