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zombie.jpgOnly on this program will you find solid evidence of so called legends and mythical creatures.  Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts, etc.  Don't believe me?  Want evidence?  What could be more proof than a conversation with the real thing?  Don't believe me, listen if you dare.  This week actual interviews with the dead!!!

Okay so this week is a bit of fun, although there are 3 true stories that I tell within the framework of this show, and the way I did this show may be a bit creepy for some, proceed with caution.  This show is a little spooky.  Or maybe you won't think it is, good, my goal is not to frighten anyone. 

DRACPIC2.jpgStory number one takes place a few years ago involving a young gal who told me something unbelieveable.  Really, I don't know how anyone could believe her story.  Story number two is something that actually happened to my brother and was really weird.  Story number three involves a good friend from work who crossed the path of some-thing not of this earth.  He also got to know two others who had a similar experience, coincidently one of those people bought a house right next to him.  What are the odds of that?

Hopefully next week we have an author who has had some real life ghost experiences and wrote a fictional book about ghosts and hauntings. 

Have a happy halloween!!!!

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