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AllAboardForWeb_thumbnail.jpgThis week it gives me great joy to bring back Debi Tibbles and the story of her son Ollie.  It is a remarkable story that transends the flesh.  Imagine losing your son to cancer at age 7, your life spinning out of control, and then getting a message from the other side.  Then you watch events unfold and you begin to realize this is part of a bigger plan, even though you still don't have all of the answers.  Is this what lays ahead for all of us?  Not necessarily.  How come this happens to others and not me?  Maybe because you don't want it to.  Maybe it does and you don't even recognize it.

Throughout our history we have had many Messengers, those that came only in love and stayed for usually a short time.  From my perspective, I believe Ollie fit that category.  He chose to leave at an early age, then he chose to come back and make contact, and finally he chose to be a part of a material object that would serve as a reminder for all of us.  Now, does this seem a little bizarre?  Do you believe in spirits or ghosts, or that we go on from our physical bodies?  Where do we go?  Good question, where do we go?  I am fascinated by this.  Now some of you would say, Heaven or that other place.  Perhaps so, but how do you explain those that come back to visit or even be a part of your life?  Many people I have talked to over the years have told me that everything is by choice.  We choose to be here, we choose to come back, we basically are given total freedom to do as we wish.  The only problem is that we get a bit lost along the way and sometimes we need reminders to help us find our way home, if we choose.  How could I possibly think this way?  From all of my own experiences from seeing an actual spirit or ghost leaning over my wife while she was sleeping, to a lantern turning on by itself, to my dad's very unusual visit in 1996- 12 years after he passed, to having my own private communication with a chickadee a week after a friend passed.  Do you see why I think this way?  Should I be in a padded room?


Debi Tibbles feels the need to tell Ollie's story, wouldn't you?  Furthermore, she was instructed by Ollie to do so.  It doesn't come easy.  I can still see pain in her face at times when she talks about her son, yet I see great joy in his message.  It takes some courage to step and say you think your son has been communicating from beyond the grave, imagine how others will respond.  Why would someone even do this?  To help others, to open the door for someone else.   Does pay it forward ring a bell?

Debi's site:  www.debitibbles.comollie3.jpg

Her book:  All Aboard, How Ollie Tibbles Became A Train

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