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0041-0503-1815-3046.jpgI am always getting emails or calls to talk to certain guests, usually they are paying someone to promote them.  I don't have a problem with that, it's hard to get the word out.  My problem is that I don't want to promote someone who I don't think is authentic just for the sake of having an interview.  So how can I be sure?  I can't.  But what's really cool is that during the interview if we make a connection.  I'm not talking about a friendship, I'm talking about a similar wavelength.  I am looking for certain criteria:  Is the guest geniune?  Is their product or book something that could help others.  As an added bonus, are they spiritually aware?  Now that may seem a bit silly but this show has more going on than it appears and to be honest almost all of my guests have shared something unique about themselves whether during the interview, or after.  That is the connecting fabric in all (well maybe most) of my shows. 

Above is a picture of an elderly confused man.  Some may think it's funny and perhaps at times it can be.  However it isn't a whole lot of fun for the caretakers and family.  This week I talk to Mark Underwood out of Madison Wisconsin who is the driving force behind a product called Prevagen.  What is Prevagen?  Good question.  It is a product taken from jelly fish that is supposed to help with memory loss.  It's all natural and the only side effects it has is that it helps people sleep better and dream more.  If that is true, then that is a great bonus.  I feel dreaming is very vital to us, I (not necessarilly Mark) believe it opens the doors to the other side for possible communication from time to time.  I only believe this because it has happened to myself and several others that I have spoken to.  One guy I work with actually had his mother communicate through a dream telling him to get his health checked, good thing too, he had several arteries that were blocked and that could have led to a stroke or heart attack. 

MarkUnderwood.jpgIt took Mark Underwood 15 years to develope his product.  Years of research went into this supplement before it was released for purchase.  Mark told me originally he was driven to do this to help a friend with M.S.  He also told me he may be a scientist but he also has a belief in a higher power and that the higher power put things here on Earth for us to find so we can stay healthy.  Interesting.  Mark did agree with me that it seems there may be some who are only in it for profit regardless of what kind of side effects their product may have.  Finally we talk about dreams, Mark has some background in dream analysis so I find that interesting. 


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