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September 29th, 2010

nm_alien_080615_mc.jpgI guess I've always been a believer that life could exist elsewhere, why not?  When I was in the third grade I saw an oval craft move slowly across the eastern horizon.  I could not identify it, neither could my parents.  It was huge and it slowly moved north to south, until it faded from view.  Nothing, right?  In 1992 I had what I would call a visitation from some thing that woke me up from a sound sleep.  Since then many family and close friends have had similar if not even more bizare events.  Someone real close to me saw a craft land.  Another person was followed by one, it would actually dissapear into the woods when another vehicle approached from the opposite way.  Sound nutty?  Well, I'm sure some will dismiss without even listening, those are the ones who have all the answers, although they really don't.  Who does?  I know I don't.  But I do have my own experiences along with friends and family that I trust.  While some can be explained away, perhaps, most of it can't!  So think what you will, it is your choice, but this week's show is about an alien abduction.

_mg_3655-102.jpgAt left is Jim Moroney, an average guy who in 1987 was traveling across Canada when he chose to get some shut eye at a truck stop in a remote area.  Jim has vivid recollection of what took place while he was awake, but what he found out under hypnosis was even more shocking!    Before you pass judgement as to whether he is a crackpot maybe it wouldn't hurt to listen to his story.  I have heard many stories before, and seen many shows and documentaries on the subject, even read many books, but I really have no great desire to make this my only mission in life.  It is part of what I talk about, or part of a greater truth as I would call it.  Now I will tell you this, what these beings said to Jim was very interesting.  It's funny because if you go back in my archieves to one of my first shows you will find a local woman and her husband discussing basically the same thing.  Interesting.  At the time when I did the interview with the couple I didn't know what to think because I had never heard of these beings having this kind of contact before.  Jim's contact with these beings is very unique I will say, and while many may have a similar experience- most don't remember or it's not as clear. 

etanswerbook.jpgJim has a book out called The Extraterrestrial Answer Book.  This book is based on his own first hand knowledge from these beings.  I think his message from whatever these are was real simple, and it had to do with our own spritual evolution.  Now wait, no cattle mutilations?  No.  People being used for experiments or procreation purposes?  No.  Then why are they here and what do they want?  I don't know.  Perhaps Jim's story will shed some insight.  Jim has been on several shows including Coast To Coast and feels the need to spread the word.  Even if all of this is made up, it's still a pretty good message. 

Are  you a believer?  Or, do you think it is all a hoax?  Why do you believe the way you do?  Did something happen to you to shake you to the core to change your way of thinking?   

Jim's site:  www.aufosg.com


September 23rd, 2010

KB.jpg What is going on with our weather?  Are we doomed with global warming?  Is there misinformation regarding global warming?  Is someone profiting from it?  Are we actually heading into a cooling trend?  Could another ice age not be that far away?  Is our weather influenced by sun spots, and what are we seeing with the sun right now?  Did they count sun spots back in the days of Copernicus?  Is there a possible conclusion to draw from that history?  There are so many opinions, who can we trust?

Karl Bohnak has been a meteoroligist at WLUC TV 6 in Marquette Michigan for 23 years.  Marquette is on the south side of Lake Superior and receives more than their share of snow.  If you like snow, Marquette (or Negaunee where the tv station is actually located) is a great place to live.  I like snow, but not that much.  That's why I live in the banana belt of Upper Michigan, the Escanaba area.  We don't get hardly any snow thanks in part to the fact that we are not directly south of a Great Lake. 

Karl has authored two books:  So Cold A Sky and Upper Michigan Almanac.  The latter was co-authored with Ron Jolly.  I thought this interview would be about some history, some strange accounts (believe it or not bigfoot sightings) and weather analysis.  However, like many interviews, this one took on a life of it's own and we got into a discussion about global warming.  Do you believe in global warming?  I can't say I buy into it, I see a lot of people profiting from it and that always makes me leary.  Karl has a somewhat different outlook than many, he doesn't buy into the global warming theory, and yes it really hasn't been proven.  He is very passionate about his profession and believes that global warming may not exist at all, he has even been banned from some area schools for his beliefs.  You've got to be kidding, right?  What happened to having an open mind and presenting an opposing argument?  For some reason there seems to be a media agenda to get us to believe in saving the Earth.  What if the Earth doesn't need our help?  I'm not saying we shouldn't take care of the planet but what if some are seeking to gain profit from all of this, follow the money trail.  Karl also suggests that our weather could be affected by sun spots, something I heard a long time ago.  What are the sun spots telling us now?  Could we be going in the opposite direction of global warming?  This interview is not meant to scare anyone, and it will not hype up what you've already heard.  Instead, I see this as a chance to hear someone speak out against what is considered the popular viewpoint.  See what you think.

Some of you may think this conflicts with some of the 2012/Earth change guests I've had on before.  It does.  It's good to get varying opinions, especially from those who work within the profession.


  Upper Michigan is sparsely populated.  Some of us might be considered hicks.  Some of us may also be considered down to earth/connected.  Some of us may also be considered fortunate to live in an area surrounded by so much nature and 2 great lakes, and by some accounts, sasquatch!


September 16th, 2010

braybeast.jpgA week or two ago Linda Godfrey appeared at a paranormal event at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.  The Sault is about 150 miles from Escanaba Michigan, where this broadcast originates from.   Also at this event were people from T.A.P.S, Paranormal State, and other shows that have become somewhat popular on Sci Fi and History Channel.  A lot of people turned out, it was a very successfull event.  I didn't think it was going to go over that well, are that many people into the paranormal?  Apparently.  Linda then told me she proceeded to come down U.S. 2 and went out to Fayette State Park to investigate a strange report.  Linda talks about this and a few others in her new book:  The Michigan Dogman. (due out soon)  What creeps me out is that some of these reports are coming from areas fairly close to where I've camped before.  Zoinks!  To quote a famous paranormal investigator.  I had no problem talking about the Dog/man or Man/wolf because it was somewhere else, but now Linda tells me there are sightings fairly close to me.  And what's really weird is that a few years ago I heard a similar story from a local family and dismissed it.  It just seemed looney.  But if you know anything about Linda she was a reporter in a small town years ago and was assigned to cover story about a man like-wolf like creature.  That in turn let to her book The Beast Of Bray Road, which in turn led to many other books and paranormal investigations.  What's cool about all of this is that Linda has had her own weird experiences.  She was a non believer and really isn't sure what this creature may be.  It's not a wolf, I can tell you that. 

linda-Godfrey.jpgLinda also talks about these strange stones that seemed to have some kind of unusual powers.  The stones may have been connected to a group of Masons.  We also go down the road of ghosts, sasquatch and many other bizarre topics.  This show is a little creepy so proceed at your own speed.  Linda has been on many programs, Coast To Coast, Monster Quest, and many others.  Is she for real?  I really think so after talking with her before, during and after our interviews.  Please check out her link on my page if you  want to see more about her.  Has she made a lot of money doing this, no, hardly any.  It's not about the dough.

Haunted Wisconsin and Michigan Dogman are her latest books, Michigan Dogman will be coming out soon.


September 9th, 2010


To me growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was a pretty good experience.  I lived in the country, just outside of a town called Norway, and my brother and I found ways to entertain ourselves and not get into trouble.  As I went through school there were some kids that harassed and bullied me from time to time and just eventually let it go.  My experience is that these kids usually backed off after a while.   I thought that was the advantage of small town life, people had more compassion for each other.  Maybe that wasn't so.  About 90 miles from where I grew up and roughly 9 years later a boy by the name of Ron Reiki was growing up and living in Negaunee Michigan.  Many made their living in the mines in that area and many had rough lives.  Why?  Ron Reiki believes it had to do with depressed communities, long winters, and also a macho mentality.  I can agree with that.  I grew up and always heard that your weren't a man unless you met certain requirements.  The thing is that those requirements changed from one person to another.  I pretended for a while to be that man, eventually I guess I chose to be myself.  My guest this week is Ron "R.A." Reiki who used to live in Negaunee Michigan.  Ron has done many things in his life, completed his education, served in Desert Storm and written some books.  This is his first book to be published.  It is a fictional tale of some young teens living in Negaunee Michigan and dealing with a lot of darkness.  Like many authors Ron may draw from his own experience.

ron_reikki.jpgHow can there be such darkess in small town U.S.A.?  Good question.  My own personal belief is that darkness is drawn to us in many ways.  The use of drugs and alcohol open the door to what I term negative beings.  Once you give up your power it is easy for them to take control.  Is this why alcoholism and other addictions are so hard to kick?  Can these beings hover in an area and effect the attitudes of a community?  Ron doesn't go into that in this book but he does raise some interesting questions.  Plus his book is a very good (adult) read and has gotten the attention of some of those in Hollywood.  So we'll see.  This week it's R.A. Reiki from Florida, on his way to California.


September 1st, 2010


 Thanks to the tv show Deadliest Catch you may be able to identify with what my guest this week does for a living.  My wife and I see that show from time and to time and you really get a feel for what some people will do in order to feed their families.  This week I talk to Tom Ranguette from Garden Michigan who spends a couple of months out of the year fishing for salmon in Alaska near Cook Inlet on a boat similar to the one pictured.  Now the Deadliest Catch is filmed on Bristol Bay in the Bering Sea where the waves and weather can be deadly and the boats are much larger than the one that Tom guides.  Tom has a 32 foot vessel and from time to time does face some pretty rough seas, sometimes 20 foot seas, and he does pretty much everything on his own ship.  He's the captain, the mechanic, and the deck hand all rolled into one.  Tom will usually have one of his sons accompany him, but other than that these fishermen are pretty much on their own.  There is a fair amount of danger in this job and it sounds like this work can be physically demanding.  It takes a true pioneer spirit, the kind that founded our nation, and it takes the right attitude.  Is attitude everything in life?  It seems to have a lot to do with who we are and our surroundings.  I don't think I could do Tom's job, maybe when I was younger, or maybe I'd have to go into serious physical training.  Tom doesn't get sick, why is that?  He tells himself he doesn't have time for that, you know that is the second person to tell me that.  Speaking of illness, Tom recalls a story that his mother told him about a doctor in the 1930s who used to cure peoples skin cancer with a natural treatment he developed.  Really?  I believe it, a friend who is in her 80's told me a similar story when she was a girl during the depression.  These two stories are not related, they are seperated by a distance of close to 200 miles.  It's possible they may be two different remedies.  Now how come most have not heard of these remedies?  What's changed in our nation?

What goes around comes around.  We've heard this all before but what does it mean?  I hear many people say that but they can't go into detail when asked for an example.  Tom is willing to share a story that some could see as coincidence and others could see as part of a divine plan of giving and receiving.

 figure2.gifA volitale world.  Alaska for all it's beauty has more volcanos, more earthquakes, and more deadly cold weather than any other state in the union.  Yet hardy souls are drawn to it because of it's rugged beauty and pristine wilderness.  People from the south tell me I live in a rugged area, I just laugh.  Heck, people from Lower Michigan can't imagine living up here.  And while it's cold from time to time and some parts of the U.P. get a fair amount of snow, it's nothing compared to Alaska.  Alaska is probably nothing compared to Siberia.  So perhaps it's all perspective and attitude.  If you look at the map you can see where Tom goes to fish every year in Cook Inlet. 

Tom, his wife Lynn and their 3 sons reside in Garden Michigan, which is on the Garden Peninsula on Lake Michigan.   I always wondered how frontiersmen lived into their eighties or nineties and survived all the hazards.  People like Daniel Boone.  What was it that they possesed?  Really, really good genes?  Or was it their Spirit?


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