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KB.jpg What is going on with our weather?  Are we doomed with global warming?  Is there misinformation regarding global warming?  Is someone profiting from it?  Are we actually heading into a cooling trend?  Could another ice age not be that far away?  Is our weather influenced by sun spots, and what are we seeing with the sun right now?  Did they count sun spots back in the days of Copernicus?  Is there a possible conclusion to draw from that history?  There are so many opinions, who can we trust?

Karl Bohnak has been a meteoroligist at WLUC TV 6 in Marquette Michigan for 23 years.  Marquette is on the south side of Lake Superior and receives more than their share of snow.  If you like snow, Marquette (or Negaunee where the tv station is actually located) is a great place to live.  I like snow, but not that much.  That's why I live in the banana belt of Upper Michigan, the Escanaba area.  We don't get hardly any snow thanks in part to the fact that we are not directly south of a Great Lake. 

Karl has authored two books:  So Cold A Sky and Upper Michigan Almanac.  The latter was co-authored with Ron Jolly.  I thought this interview would be about some history, some strange accounts (believe it or not bigfoot sightings) and weather analysis.  However, like many interviews, this one took on a life of it's own and we got into a discussion about global warming.  Do you believe in global warming?  I can't say I buy into it, I see a lot of people profiting from it and that always makes me leary.  Karl has a somewhat different outlook than many, he doesn't buy into the global warming theory, and yes it really hasn't been proven.  He is very passionate about his profession and believes that global warming may not exist at all, he has even been banned from some area schools for his beliefs.  You've got to be kidding, right?  What happened to having an open mind and presenting an opposing argument?  For some reason there seems to be a media agenda to get us to believe in saving the Earth.  What if the Earth doesn't need our help?  I'm not saying we shouldn't take care of the planet but what if some are seeking to gain profit from all of this, follow the money trail.  Karl also suggests that our weather could be affected by sun spots, something I heard a long time ago.  What are the sun spots telling us now?  Could we be going in the opposite direction of global warming?  This interview is not meant to scare anyone, and it will not hype up what you've already heard.  Instead, I see this as a chance to hear someone speak out against what is considered the popular viewpoint.  See what you think.

Some of you may think this conflicts with some of the 2012/Earth change guests I've had on before.  It does.  It's good to get varying opinions, especially from those who work within the profession.


  Upper Michigan is sparsely populated.  Some of us might be considered hicks.  Some of us may also be considered down to earth/connected.  Some of us may also be considered fortunate to live in an area surrounded by so much nature and 2 great lakes, and by some accounts, sasquatch!

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