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braybeast.jpgA week or two ago Linda Godfrey appeared at a paranormal event at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.  The Sault is about 150 miles from Escanaba Michigan, where this broadcast originates from.   Also at this event were people from T.A.P.S, Paranormal State, and other shows that have become somewhat popular on Sci Fi and History Channel.  A lot of people turned out, it was a very successfull event.  I didn't think it was going to go over that well, are that many people into the paranormal?  Apparently.  Linda then told me she proceeded to come down U.S. 2 and went out to Fayette State Park to investigate a strange report.  Linda talks about this and a few others in her new book:  The Michigan Dogman. (due out soon)  What creeps me out is that some of these reports are coming from areas fairly close to where I've camped before.  Zoinks!  To quote a famous paranormal investigator.  I had no problem talking about the Dog/man or Man/wolf because it was somewhere else, but now Linda tells me there are sightings fairly close to me.  And what's really weird is that a few years ago I heard a similar story from a local family and dismissed it.  It just seemed looney.  But if you know anything about Linda she was a reporter in a small town years ago and was assigned to cover story about a man like-wolf like creature.  That in turn let to her book The Beast Of Bray Road, which in turn led to many other books and paranormal investigations.  What's cool about all of this is that Linda has had her own weird experiences.  She was a non believer and really isn't sure what this creature may be.  It's not a wolf, I can tell you that. 

linda-Godfrey.jpgLinda also talks about these strange stones that seemed to have some kind of unusual powers.  The stones may have been connected to a group of Masons.  We also go down the road of ghosts, sasquatch and many other bizarre topics.  This show is a little creepy so proceed at your own speed.  Linda has been on many programs, Coast To Coast, Monster Quest, and many others.  Is she for real?  I really think so after talking with her before, during and after our interviews.  Please check out her link on my page if you  want to see more about her.  Has she made a lot of money doing this, no, hardly any.  It's not about the dough.

Haunted Wisconsin and Michigan Dogman are her latest books, Michigan Dogman will be coming out soon.

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