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nm_alien_080615_mc.jpgI guess I've always been a believer that life could exist elsewhere, why not?  When I was in the third grade I saw an oval craft move slowly across the eastern horizon.  I could not identify it, neither could my parents.  It was huge and it slowly moved north to south, until it faded from view.  Nothing, right?  In 1992 I had what I would call a visitation from some thing that woke me up from a sound sleep.  Since then many family and close friends have had similar if not even more bizare events.  Someone real close to me saw a craft land.  Another person was followed by one, it would actually dissapear into the woods when another vehicle approached from the opposite way.  Sound nutty?  Well, I'm sure some will dismiss without even listening, those are the ones who have all the answers, although they really don't.  Who does?  I know I don't.  But I do have my own experiences along with friends and family that I trust.  While some can be explained away, perhaps, most of it can't!  So think what you will, it is your choice, but this week's show is about an alien abduction.

_mg_3655-102.jpgAt left is Jim Moroney, an average guy who in 1987 was traveling across Canada when he chose to get some shut eye at a truck stop in a remote area.  Jim has vivid recollection of what took place while he was awake, but what he found out under hypnosis was even more shocking!    Before you pass judgement as to whether he is a crackpot maybe it wouldn't hurt to listen to his story.  I have heard many stories before, and seen many shows and documentaries on the subject, even read many books, but I really have no great desire to make this my only mission in life.  It is part of what I talk about, or part of a greater truth as I would call it.  Now I will tell you this, what these beings said to Jim was very interesting.  It's funny because if you go back in my archieves to one of my first shows you will find a local woman and her husband discussing basically the same thing.  Interesting.  At the time when I did the interview with the couple I didn't know what to think because I had never heard of these beings having this kind of contact before.  Jim's contact with these beings is very unique I will say, and while many may have a similar experience- most don't remember or it's not as clear. 

etanswerbook.jpgJim has a book out called The Extraterrestrial Answer Book.  This book is based on his own first hand knowledge from these beings.  I think his message from whatever these are was real simple, and it had to do with our own spritual evolution.  Now wait, no cattle mutilations?  No.  People being used for experiments or procreation purposes?  No.  Then why are they here and what do they want?  I don't know.  Perhaps Jim's story will shed some insight.  Jim has been on several shows including Coast To Coast and feels the need to spread the word.  Even if all of this is made up, it's still a pretty good message. 

Are  you a believer?  Or, do you think it is all a hoax?  Why do you believe the way you do?  Did something happen to you to shake you to the core to change your way of thinking?   

Jim's site:  www.aufosg.com

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