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April 23rd, 2020


I met John St. Augustine in the late 90s, he was working at another radio station and eventually started working with me when he moved over to our group of stations.  I was asked to assist John in doing some of the production for his show, Power Talk Radio.  His show was always uplifting, had many guests who were inspiring.  We worked together for more than a few years before he left and went to work with Oprah Winfrey in Chicago.  Often we would spend a fair amount of time shooting the breeze about several topics, including paranormal.  Both of us had several experiences dealing with subject, John told me "You should do a talk show."  I told him "You should write about your experiences."  Neither of us listened to each other for quite a while.  In 2008 I took his advice, man am I glad I did.  Now John didn't necessarily take my advice but I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he was going to finally write about his unusual but amazing experiences.  I always felt in doing so he would open the door for others to feel more comfortable to share their own experiences.  I feel this stuff is always going on around us, often we ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist... but it does... it is as natural as anything we encounter. 


From my perspective, we are coming to a time where the veil will no longer exist and instead of freaking out we'll say, "Oh no big deal, this is normal, I've heard of this before."  The only way we get to that point is when others share their experiences.  There are several things I like about this book, John is a reluctant messenger, he's  a bit of a skeptic.  He has realized that if you get a message you have to follow it through, you may not always get the complete answers and that's okay!  He lets it go.  At the same time he's helping a spirit or a loved one and doesn't always need to know the outcome.  Please welcome John St. Augustine from Chicago Illinois, author, producer, speaker, podcast host and dear friend.


April 17th, 2020

Below is a link someone sent me, I advise only listening if you think there's more going on than what we're being told.  I have no desire to create fear, fear feeds certain beings not of the light.  I have no desire to create division, that only creates anger which again feeds certain beings.  I put this up as a potential truth of what "may" be going on.  I feel I must at least present this because it has been something I've heard about for at least 30 years.




To balance this out, I'm sharing a movie that I saw the other night, have you seen this?  I never heard of it but it is one of the few so called "based on a true story" that is mostly based in fact.  It was truly uplifting.





April 10th, 2020

Many may be afraid and worried, who can we turn to?  Who can we trust?  Will some mislead us?  Trust no one, at least completely, trust yourself, who knows you better?  We've been conditioned to think others have the answers, do they?  Are we giving up our power?  Are they willingly taking it?  Does lack of self love, or separation, cause others to try to have power over you?  Have you ever been under someone's thumb, or were you the one who had them under your thumb?  I've done and been both.  This week I had a good lesson in seeing through someone's façade and manipulation and standing up to speak my truth.  It got me thinking about how we may trust others who appear more enlightened when we fail to realize we are no less than anyone.  In my opinion, the truly enlightened beings are very humble.


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April 2nd, 2020

About 6 years ago I heard the term referring to a group of beings that were helping us take back the planet.  At the time I didn't know one way or another.  A couple years ago I met Steve Beckow and started following his site and the term is brought up fairly often, especially now.  I also look at Era Of Light daily and it is used often there as well.  For years I was on Era Of Light's mailing list and more recently I started going to the site.  I enjoy most of what I read on both sites.  Both seem to support the theory of the "White Hats." 


Do we really have some others working on the behalf of the planet to take it back from the powers that be?  Is the Corona Virus not only a wake up call, but an opportunity for the White Hats to make their move?  Wouldn't that be great?  You can check for yourself if you want at:




Not sure what to think.  They've been promising things to come forward for quite a while, maybe it will.  I really feel deep within that what is going on now is NOT what it appears to be.  Hmm....  What are your thoughts?  tj2@up.net


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