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About 6 years ago I heard the term referring to a group of beings that were helping us take back the planet.  At the time I didn't know one way or another.  A couple years ago I met Steve Beckow and started following his site and the term is brought up fairly often, especially now.  I also look at Era Of Light daily and it is used often there as well.  For years I was on Era Of Light's mailing list and more recently I started going to the site.  I enjoy most of what I read on both sites.  Both seem to support the theory of the "White Hats." 


Do we really have some others working on the behalf of the planet to take it back from the powers that be?  Is the Corona Virus not only a wake up call, but an opportunity for the White Hats to make their move?  Wouldn't that be great?  You can check for yourself if you want at:




Not sure what to think.  They've been promising things to come forward for quite a while, maybe it will.  I really feel deep within that what is going on now is NOT what it appears to be.  Hmm....  What are your thoughts?  tj2@up.net

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