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I met John St. Augustine in the late 90s, he was working at another radio station and eventually started working with me when he moved over to our group of stations.  I was asked to assist John in doing some of the production for his show, Power Talk Radio.  His show was always uplifting, had many guests who were inspiring.  We worked together for more than a few years before he left and went to work with Oprah Winfrey in Chicago.  Often we would spend a fair amount of time shooting the breeze about several topics, including paranormal.  Both of us had several experiences dealing with subject, John told me "You should do a talk show."  I told him "You should write about your experiences."  Neither of us listened to each other for quite a while.  In 2008 I took his advice, man am I glad I did.  Now John didn't necessarily take my advice but I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he was going to finally write about his unusual but amazing experiences.  I always felt in doing so he would open the door for others to feel more comfortable to share their own experiences.  I feel this stuff is always going on around us, often we ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist... but it does... it is as natural as anything we encounter. 


From my perspective, we are coming to a time where the veil will no longer exist and instead of freaking out we'll say, "Oh no big deal, this is normal, I've heard of this before."  The only way we get to that point is when others share their experiences.  There are several things I like about this book, John is a reluctant messenger, he's  a bit of a skeptic.  He has realized that if you get a message you have to follow it through, you may not always get the complete answers and that's okay!  He lets it go.  At the same time he's helping a spirit or a loved one and doesn't always need to know the outcome.  Please welcome John St. Augustine from Chicago Illinois, author, producer, speaker, podcast host and dear friend.

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