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January 28th, 2015


There's a tv show I like to watch from time to time on the Travel Channel, Mysteries At The Museum.  I like how the show presents facts that are known and doesn't draw a conclusion.  Often there are scams, often there are stories that don't have an answer.  The host of the show travels the country looking at unusual artifacts that have mysterious origins.  A couple weeks ago they did a show on the Kinross Incident, I was quite surprised they covered this.  It was presented as I have heard the story:  In 1953 an F89 is scrambled from Kinross Air Base to investigate a craft that initially been spotted on radar near the Sault Locks.  Pilot Felix Eugene Moncla and his navigator Robert Wilson were aboard the jet as it went to intercept this unknown craft, only now the craft was out over Lake Superior.  More than one radar operator watched as the F89 appeared to merge with the unknown craft.  Then it was gone, no wreckage was ever found.  The U.S. government claimed the jet crashed into a Canadian transport plane, however the Canadian's said they didn't have any planes in that vicinity.  The report on Mysteries At The Museum suggested, like many have, that the plane was somehow absorbed by another craft, perhaps a ufo.

A few years ago I met a man with a very bizarre story to tell.  His name is Gordon Heath, he is from Canada.  Gord knows everything there is to know about the Kinross Incident.  Prior to that interview I hadn't even heard of the Kinross Incident, then again our military and press don't go around promoting ufo contact with our pilots.  If you go back and listen to Frank Feschino, you will hear him speak about the Flatwoods Monster incident that took place in West Virginia around that same time.  It's funny because these two events are related.  Frank told me that for several years there was a war going on that the public was not even aware of.  There were craft coming here and we were trying to shoot them down.  Our military was well aware that they were here.  Yet I don't feel it was a war because they probably could have easily defeated us.  Frank and I feel they were here for an intervention. 

The following is an edited version of a three part interview that I did with Gord Heath on the Kinross Incident.  Not just what happened in 1953, but what happened after.  If Felix Eugene Moncla and Robert Wilson were taken, how was it that Gord got to meet Robert Wilson three years after the incident?  Why were his parents carrying around Moncla and Wilson's dog tags?  There were several other things that Gord knew about this incident that were not on record, it's almost as if he had been there when the event when down.  Perhaps he was.  Initially I felt really sad to think the two men never got to see their families again and their story was forgotten.  That is why I feel it is important to retell their story from time to time, not just for them, but for the hidden truths which continue to emerge in this time of awakening.

This show by the way is almost two hours long.  For more on Gord Heath's amazing story go to:  http://www.ufobc.ca/kinross/




January 22nd, 2015


A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Carol Fitzpatrick and featured her husband's music as part of the interview, this week we speak with Mark Torgeson and discuss how his music can change your vibration.
The music of Mark Torgeson has found its way cross-country and internationally. His first two albums, Between Mountains and Stars and Sundance In Moonlight, gained critical acclaim and were listed on Top Twenty playlists of Adult Contemporary, New Age and Acoustic Instrumental radio stations. The cornerstone of his music is the elevation of consciousness. It is designed to increase one’s awareness and vibrational frequency by bringing in the multidimensional assistance of star elders, angels, devas and fairies, the crystal kingdom, and ascended masters. 
Since 2005, Mark has taught workshops in Sound Healing, performed in concerts featuring piano and synthesizer, and co-facilitated transformational workshops with his wife, Carol Fitzpatrick. His intent and focus is always to usher in the frequencies of the new earth grid to fully support humanity’s transition into the next stage of alignment with the heart. He has co-founded Center for Planetary Awakening as part of this mission. His first love is improvisation, the kind of free flowing creativity that dances the music through him. 
Thanks again to Mark for letting us sample some of his music on our open and close of the program.  Find out more about Mark at:
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January 15th, 2015

Years ago I read an article in Mothering Magazine about a mother who believed her son developed Autism after receiving childhood vaccinations.  Around that time my brother told me of a college friend who felt childhood vaccinations created their son's Autism.  It's funny how we ignore what we hear until it strikes us personally or someone we know.  How often have you been told something that appeared unbelievable and ignored it?  What if you were being told the truth?  Would it rock your world?  "Well my doctor says this, and my doctor says that."  Why do we give our power to these people?  They certainly don't have all the answers, do they?  Do we have other choices?  How is it that natural doctors, herbalists, and chiropractors have such a different opinion?  I've come to trust the old ways of healing, they don't destroy your organs.  I'm not saying that there isn't a place for current medicines, nor am I attacking those that practice modern medicine.  I would hope that whoever treats you keeps an open mind and encourages you to look into different options. 

I've been wanting to talk to someone for a long time about this topic, I've heard so much about it for years.  My guest this week is Tammy Krassick.  When Tammy's son Alex was given vaccinations at an early age she saw an immediate change.  This led Tammy to start asking questions and connecting with others who've had similar experiences.  This also led Tammy to take back her power and find a natural way to help her son.  Now Tammy has become an expert on the subject of Autism.  Tammy is to be applauded for her courage and determination to find answers.  The great news is that Tammy has found ways to treat those who have been poisoned by vaccinations.  But why wait?  Tammy wants to educate you about vaccinations before you even have to make a decision with your child.  We need to take back our power, we need to listen to those who have experienced it first hand.  Tammy was an early pioneer and met great resistance when she told the schools and other authorities she wasn't giving her son anymore vaccinations.  She heard it from everyone, but she stayed the course and her son has made a remarkable recovery.  The following is her true story.  If you'd like to contact her you can do so through Facebook.

Many have told me that we are in a time when the truth will no longer be hidden, because we are going through a great awakening and change.  It is not a time to be fearful, instead it is a time to move forward and regain our power.  We are limitless beings, we've just forgotten or have allowed others to convince us otherwise. 

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January 11th, 2015


This show is co-hosted with Joy Melchezidek and featured on Joy Of Union as well.  Carol is a really unique guest who is a first timer to this planet.  I've talked to people over the years that come from another place in the universe and their perspective is enlightening.

Carol Fitzpatrick is an internationally known seer and empathic intuitive who serves as a channel so that others can more fully understand their soul's path and purpose, and unravel the great mysteries of the divine. She is the vision-holder for 32 Global Light Centers, a vision and mission she received in 2009. The centers are light-filled communities established in energetically significant locations around the world. They are designed to balance and stabilize the new earth grid of consciousness and serve as models for sustaining oneness as a way of life. In 2010, she co-founded the Center for Planetary Awakening, a world service organization to provide the leadership and support for the project. Web: www.onenessofbeing.org, educational portal: www.planetaryawakening.org


Music provided on this show from Mark Torgeson.  The piece we used is called Intergalactic Council of 12, from his album, Peace, Joy, Balance and Harmony.  www.marktorgeson.com


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