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This show is co-hosted with Joy Melchezidek and featured on Joy Of Union as well.  Carol is a really unique guest who is a first timer to this planet.  I've talked to people over the years that come from another place in the universe and their perspective is enlightening.

Carol Fitzpatrick is an internationally known seer and empathic intuitive who serves as a channel so that others can more fully understand their soul's path and purpose, and unravel the great mysteries of the divine. She is the vision-holder for 32 Global Light Centers, a vision and mission she received in 2009. The centers are light-filled communities established in energetically significant locations around the world. They are designed to balance and stabilize the new earth grid of consciousness and serve as models for sustaining oneness as a way of life. In 2010, she co-founded the Center for Planetary Awakening, a world service organization to provide the leadership and support for the project. Web: www.onenessofbeing.org, educational portal: www.planetaryawakening.org


Music provided on this show from Mark Torgeson.  The piece we used is called Intergalactic Council of 12, from his album, Peace, Joy, Balance and Harmony.  www.marktorgeson.com


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