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There's a tv show I like to watch from time to time on the Travel Channel, Mysteries At The Museum.  I like how the show presents facts that are known and doesn't draw a conclusion.  Often there are scams, often there are stories that don't have an answer.  The host of the show travels the country looking at unusual artifacts that have mysterious origins.  A couple weeks ago they did a show on the Kinross Incident, I was quite surprised they covered this.  It was presented as I have heard the story:  In 1953 an F89 is scrambled from Kinross Air Base to investigate a craft that initially been spotted on radar near the Sault Locks.  Pilot Felix Eugene Moncla and his navigator Robert Wilson were aboard the jet as it went to intercept this unknown craft, only now the craft was out over Lake Superior.  More than one radar operator watched as the F89 appeared to merge with the unknown craft.  Then it was gone, no wreckage was ever found.  The U.S. government claimed the jet crashed into a Canadian transport plane, however the Canadian's said they didn't have any planes in that vicinity.  The report on Mysteries At The Museum suggested, like many have, that the plane was somehow absorbed by another craft, perhaps a ufo.

A few years ago I met a man with a very bizarre story to tell.  His name is Gordon Heath, he is from Canada.  Gord knows everything there is to know about the Kinross Incident.  Prior to that interview I hadn't even heard of the Kinross Incident, then again our military and press don't go around promoting ufo contact with our pilots.  If you go back and listen to Frank Feschino, you will hear him speak about the Flatwoods Monster incident that took place in West Virginia around that same time.  It's funny because these two events are related.  Frank told me that for several years there was a war going on that the public was not even aware of.  There were craft coming here and we were trying to shoot them down.  Our military was well aware that they were here.  Yet I don't feel it was a war because they probably could have easily defeated us.  Frank and I feel they were here for an intervention. 

The following is an edited version of a three part interview that I did with Gord Heath on the Kinross Incident.  Not just what happened in 1953, but what happened after.  If Felix Eugene Moncla and Robert Wilson were taken, how was it that Gord got to meet Robert Wilson three years after the incident?  Why were his parents carrying around Moncla and Wilson's dog tags?  There were several other things that Gord knew about this incident that were not on record, it's almost as if he had been there when the event when down.  Perhaps he was.  Initially I felt really sad to think the two men never got to see their families again and their story was forgotten.  That is why I feel it is important to retell their story from time to time, not just for them, but for the hidden truths which continue to emerge in this time of awakening.

This show by the way is almost two hours long.  For more on Gord Heath's amazing story go to:  http://www.ufobc.ca/kinross/



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