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May 31st, 2013

I am out of room on my site for the month, simple translation:  I can't fit anymore shows on my site until June.  In the next two weeks I have an inteview scheduled with Stuart Tomc who is with Nordic Naturals.  Stuart appears to have plenty of research to support that we are not feeding our  brains with the right nutrition, specifically Omega 3's.  This in turn is leading to many mental issues in this country and not in other countries where they eat more fish.  What if some of our unbalanced individuals who have attacked innocents could be caused by a lack of nutrition to the brain?  Is that possible?  I certainly think that could be part of the problem.  I don't about you but I keep seeing more and more people who seem to be unbalanced, it appears to be a growing problem.  The big question, can we change this with natural products? 

Also in a couple of weeks Jane Mougey from Ohio.  Jane wrote a book about suicide and communication with those from the other side.  What makes Jane unique is that she can speak from experience, she committed suicide in a previous time and feels it's part of her journey to help bring answers.

Finally thanks to Reverend Debby, my sista, our new website is taking shape.  It is a site you can go to and find many different options to explore and find some answers.  You can find it at:  www.thesoulawakens.com


May 23rd, 2013

Welcome the 2nd Joy Of Union show featuring Joy Regina Melchezidek and TJ Ryan.  Ugh, chaos!  Help!  We talk about chaos that many are going through, including what we are experiencing.  Also, the Tree People, beings, spirits that are attached to trees.  I'd write more but this week has been utter chaos... relax, deep breathes, all is as it is meant to be.



May 13th, 2013

75356_510787095609207_1306261884_n.jpgI think most of us have heard stories of hauntings, or haunted places.  Some of us have had first hand experience with spirits and apparitions.  Some feel like they may have actually communicated with spirits.  Is believing in ghosts that big of a deal?  Perhaps it goes against your religion or spiritual beliefs.  What happens when you have something happen to you that you can't explain, do you just stick  your head in the sand?

My guest is back and better than ever.  His name is Keith Wizner and he now has a coffee table book that is about hauntings in Saginaw Michigan.  Keith created this book from his and others experiences in order to help restore his real passion, the Potter Depot which has a soft spot in his heart.  Originally when Keith came on the show a while back to share his experiences he was a bit leary of the fallout.  Well, now I see he's moved forward and got past that first initial stage, worrying what others will think.  It is what holds many of us back, myself included at one time.  But as Keith has experienced, it wasn't that bad, most people were very supportive especially since he was using the sales of his book to help restore the old train depot.  Which by the way may be haunted too. 

Keith has had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts at a young age and for years it was explained away.  Now he's taken a stand with his book and there's no turning back.  What will others think?  No matter what you do they will always think something so you might as well move forward.  This week Keith shares some stories and how the book came together.  To order the book you can call 989-327-7574.  You can also send an email to:  Potterdepot@aol.com  

I see this happen with many guests, at first reluctant and then it becomes easier the next time until it is not a big deal.  That is what happens to all of us who have decided to step forward.


May 6th, 2013

thCADSP6MR.jpg Reverend Debby is back with a new show dealing with several topics.  Suicude.  Not something you really want to talk about but Debby has been contacted by those on the other side who feel the need to get their message out.  We cover these topics so it may bring peace to those of you  who have lost someone due to suicide, they want you to know they are okay.  Also we deal with what happens when we do cross over.  Now some of you may think we are promoting morbid topics but we all face this someday and if we just realized it is part of a natural process and we are surrounded by incredible love, we wouldn't be afraid.  It is part of our journey.  Also, what about animals?  Do they go on?  And other questions for Debby.  And, we do clown around a bit, not to make light of these topics, but to put some joy into all we do.  Both of us realize that there has to be some laughter and joy, even when dealing with serious subjects. 

For more on Debby go to:     http://www.angelicencounters.podbean.com 


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