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thCADSP6MR.jpg Reverend Debby is back with a new show dealing with several topics.  Suicude.  Not something you really want to talk about but Debby has been contacted by those on the other side who feel the need to get their message out.  We cover these topics so it may bring peace to those of you  who have lost someone due to suicide, they want you to know they are okay.  Also we deal with what happens when we do cross over.  Now some of you may think we are promoting morbid topics but we all face this someday and if we just realized it is part of a natural process and we are surrounded by incredible love, we wouldn't be afraid.  It is part of our journey.  Also, what about animals?  Do they go on?  And other questions for Debby.  And, we do clown around a bit, not to make light of these topics, but to put some joy into all we do.  Both of us realize that there has to be some laughter and joy, even when dealing with serious subjects. 

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