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75356_510787095609207_1306261884_n.jpgI think most of us have heard stories of hauntings, or haunted places.  Some of us have had first hand experience with spirits and apparitions.  Some feel like they may have actually communicated with spirits.  Is believing in ghosts that big of a deal?  Perhaps it goes against your religion or spiritual beliefs.  What happens when you have something happen to you that you can't explain, do you just stick  your head in the sand?

My guest is back and better than ever.  His name is Keith Wizner and he now has a coffee table book that is about hauntings in Saginaw Michigan.  Keith created this book from his and others experiences in order to help restore his real passion, the Potter Depot which has a soft spot in his heart.  Originally when Keith came on the show a while back to share his experiences he was a bit leary of the fallout.  Well, now I see he's moved forward and got past that first initial stage, worrying what others will think.  It is what holds many of us back, myself included at one time.  But as Keith has experienced, it wasn't that bad, most people were very supportive especially since he was using the sales of his book to help restore the old train depot.  Which by the way may be haunted too. 

Keith has had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts at a young age and for years it was explained away.  Now he's taken a stand with his book and there's no turning back.  What will others think?  No matter what you do they will always think something so you might as well move forward.  This week Keith shares some stories and how the book came together.  To order the book you can call 989-327-7574.  You can also send an email to:  Potterdepot@aol.com  

I see this happen with many guests, at first reluctant and then it becomes easier the next time until it is not a big deal.  That is what happens to all of us who have decided to step forward.

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