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March 22nd, 2013

cindynboys.jpgWhat's great about doing this show is that I get to meet people from all over the country that are helping others.  Thanks to Cathy Bolton I found another person who was willing to come on and tell me what they do.  In this case it's Cindy Richardson from San Diego California who has been an animal psychic for some time now.  She also is an animal intuitive healer, and works on people with hypnotherapy and past life regression. 

In this show we talk about how Cindy she got started and how she teaches other to do so as well.  I even asked her to put her dog on the show and see what he had to say.  Cindy told me one of the oldest souls she met was just a little kitten.  I notice a big shift in how people are treating animals and perceiving them.  I see this as part of  our awakening and acceptance of all things.  20  years ago people thought animals were just dumb critters who were soulless, now I think more and more are becoming aware that they are on a journey very simalar to us.

This week I welcome Cindy Richardson from San Diego California.



March 15th, 2013

Happy St. Pattys Day to you.  is.jpgBelieve in Leprechauns do ya?  Aye.  What about fairies?  What about all of the other myths that have existed for eons, is there any truth to any of that?  Where does the inspiration come from for movies like The Hobbit, or The Lord Of The Rings?  Are there other realms where other beings exist?  Do they show themselves to us from time to time?  I heard a story about a woman who was in Chicago and saw people stumbling down a street.  Almost everyone who went down the street was stumbling.  Then she caught a glimpse of a leprechaun type being that was actually pushing people in the street.  As she glimpsed the being, the being caught her glance... and disappeared.  As she too was later walking down the street something made her stumble.  

This week I sit down with Joy Melchezidek and we talk about the other realms that exist, many have been the part of folktales and myth.  But what if they exist?  Are there little people?  Are there fairies?  What are they doing here if they do exist?  Can we communicate with them?  Do we want to?

Want to buy a shirt and help out Joy's cause, children?



March 11th, 2013

angelhealing1.jpgThis week I feature Reverend Debby Bergeon as she answers questions with the help of the angels.  If you've never had a reading done by Debby just listening to this will give you an idea on how it goes.

Also Debby shares with me an experience that occured when she was 16 years old and it involved her sister and a faith healer. 

In her work Debby has helped many with lost animals, she has come to know the animal spirits, so we delve into that a bit as well.

This week it's Debby's show and I am there just to assist:  Angelic Encounters.



March 4th, 2013

facilitator_flo_aeveia_magdalena.jpgTom Hanks starred in a movie that drew controversy about the search for a connection between Mary Magdaline and Jesus.  I always wondered if there was more to the story than what we were told.  Some say that Mary Magdaline's book was left out of the Bible deliberately.  Some say that she may have had a major influence in biblical events.  I keep an open mind to all things as long as they appear to come from a higher place.

This week Flo Aeveia Magdalena joins me from Vermont to talk about her book:  I Remember Union.    I will say that I found her book very interesting and much of it rang true to me.  As a matter of fact, as weird as this sounds, I kind of felt like I was experiencing some of  it while I was reading the book.  Most of my guests have been born with their gifts and realized them at an early age.  Flo claims that is not the case with her, she was taught how to develop her abilities as an adult.  Those of you who sit there and say, "I wish I could do some of those things", guess what?  You can. 

This interveiw is really about the Oneness and how we can return to it.  I loved Flo's energy and gentle message.  I thank Joy Melchezidek and Roslyn McGrath for leading me to Flo, and for all of their help, my soul sisters! 

Flo Aeveia Magdalena is a respected visionary, futurist, author, channel, healer, spiritual coach, teacher, and spiritual mid-wife. She has worked throughout the world since the late ‘70’s with individuals and groups, helping them connect to and access their soul’s essence and to live their highest potential and life purpose. 


Flo is the founder of Soul Support Systems. She gives programs and trainings in non-religious, soul-based experiential programs and offerings, such as Soul Recognition, Circuitry Alignment and HeartThread.

Flo uses the hologram as a model for balance and communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain, assisting people to create more easily and live more in harmony with their potential and their world.

Flo has just completed her third book Honoring the Spirit of Your Unborn Child. She has published two others,           I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena and Sunlight On Water: A Guide For Soul-full Living. They each bring a message of hope about humanity’s capacity to create a world of peace, honor, and union.

Flo lives in Vermont with her husband, David and her dog, Buster. She has two children and three grandchildren.


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