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Happy St. Pattys Day to you.  is.jpgBelieve in Leprechauns do ya?  Aye.  What about fairies?  What about all of the other myths that have existed for eons, is there any truth to any of that?  Where does the inspiration come from for movies like The Hobbit, or The Lord Of The Rings?  Are there other realms where other beings exist?  Do they show themselves to us from time to time?  I heard a story about a woman who was in Chicago and saw people stumbling down a street.  Almost everyone who went down the street was stumbling.  Then she caught a glimpse of a leprechaun type being that was actually pushing people in the street.  As she glimpsed the being, the being caught her glance... and disappeared.  As she too was later walking down the street something made her stumble.  

This week I sit down with Joy Melchezidek and we talk about the other realms that exist, many have been the part of folktales and myth.  But what if they exist?  Are there little people?  Are there fairies?  What are they doing here if they do exist?  Can we communicate with them?  Do we want to?

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