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cindynboys.jpgWhat's great about doing this show is that I get to meet people from all over the country that are helping others.  Thanks to Cathy Bolton I found another person who was willing to come on and tell me what they do.  In this case it's Cindy Richardson from San Diego California who has been an animal psychic for some time now.  She also is an animal intuitive healer, and works on people with hypnotherapy and past life regression. 

In this show we talk about how Cindy she got started and how she teaches other to do so as well.  I even asked her to put her dog on the show and see what he had to say.  Cindy told me one of the oldest souls she met was just a little kitten.  I notice a big shift in how people are treating animals and perceiving them.  I see this as part of  our awakening and acceptance of all things.  20  years ago people thought animals were just dumb critters who were soulless, now I think more and more are becoming aware that they are on a journey very simalar to us.

This week I welcome Cindy Richardson from San Diego California.


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