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February 21st, 2013

about-lisette-larkins-headshot.jpgMy guest this week, Lisette Larkins, claims she's been talking to and interacting with E.T.s since she was a child.  Her interaction with whatever these beings are is so unique and not what you may think.  Some of you are going to skip over this show without taking the time to listen, if you do take the time you might find this show really is not about E.T.s so much  as it is about the Laws Of Atraction.  Now what would these E.T.s know about that?   Perhaps quite a bit.

I've always wondered why some abductions or even interactions were so vastly different than others.  Most from what I've read are bewildered and afraid of what's going on.  Some are truly terrified and see these beings as evil.  And then there are just a few here and there that seem to be telling a different story, now why is that?  Could it be we attract what we are?  Could we attract what our focus is on?  Does that even apply to intergalactic beings?  One would think that might make some sense.

Lisette explains that the beings she's been in contact with are filled with love and have been working with her to understand our unlimitedness and our ability to plot our own course.  Now why would they do that?  Why not?  Lisette connects with them on a very high level and she says depending on your point of reference determines your experience with extra terrestrials.  If you live in fear and feel they may do bad things to you, well the universe seems to think that's what you want and sends it your way.  Now if you wish to have the highest contact possible, which Lisette does, then perhaps you will come to know them in a different way.  To me, this simple explanation, expains why some have had such positive contact while others just the opposite. 

Things not working out in your life?  Getting more difficult?  According to Lisette (and my way of thinking) it's up to you, you are the one who has to change.  Everything around you is just a reflection of what you think and feel.  Still can't change things even though you're positive?  Perhaps somewhere deep inside you need to change something, something you may not even be consciously aware of.  This show really isn't about aliens, it's about greater understanding of what we can become if we choose.



February 14th, 2013

CATHYBOLTON.jpgWe all have a purpose, the problem is just finding it sometimes.  Perhaps our purpose is what we make it.  For many years Cathy Bolton has been raising vibrations with her angelic voice and her spirit of light.  This week we discuss how she got started and where her journey has led her.  Cathy spends some time working with Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God, and travels the country performing her music.  Her music will touch your soul, perhaps even make you feel and remember some things.  We also talk about about past lives, we both feel we have lived before.  One of Cathy's most notable songs is Remember Who You Are.  It has been music that has really helped me remember.  This week it is a great honor to have a gentle loving voice that is part of the journey of light, Cathy Bolton.



February 6th, 2013

robandtrishmcgregor.jpgMeet Rob and Trish McGregor.  Rob wrote 6 books about Indiana Jones, none of them were turned into movies.  Together the 2 of them have combined their talents to find answers for a new book which just came out:  Aliens In The Back Yard.  The book is about 4 people who have had very unsual encounters, some have been taken, or so they believe.  What Rob and Trish have discovered is that there is a lot of syncronicity around these events, before and after.  They also have discovered that some have become empaths and their psychic abilities have been heightened.  When this show was recorded they just came off of doing Coast To Coast with George Noory, and they have been on Whitley Streiber's Unknown Country.  Perhaps that coolest thing is that they are connected to Bruce Gernon and my future guest Kathy Doore.  Rob actually co-authored Bruce's book The Fog, about his weird experience in the triangle.  It all seems so connected, and now I am connected to them.  On a side not I found the McGregor's to be very open minded and aware.  We will do more shows in the future, maybe even with some of those mentioned in the book.  From south Florida this week I speak with Rob and Trish McGregor.



February 2nd, 2013

It was one week ago that a soul I knew left this earthly plane, his name was Pete.  Pete will be remembered as a witty, funny friendly guy, but that's not the whole story.  So often we paint a picture of someone's life with a rose colored pastel, that is not always the case.  This is by no way meant it disrespect to Pete, this is just a slightly different look at a divine soul.

Somewhere in junior high Pete came to our school.  It always seems that everyone wanted to check out the new kid, why is that?  Is it the nature of our soul to connect?  Pete was a heavy kid so it didn't take long for kids to make fat jokes, myself included probably.  I always wanted to make a new friend, I just felt this love for others, at times I often stood up for the underdog and then I could be the complete opposite.  I'd cave in due to popular sentiment just so I could fit in.  I am not going to paint a rosy picture of myself or of Pete, just the truth, I think that is always best.  I kind of wish at a funeral someone would say "What can we learn from the deceased person's life?"  If they were a bad person then we'd learn to not follow their footsteps.  If they were a good person, from what I know of Pete he was, then we can take away how someone over came negativity to come out of his shell and spread love to others.  Some of you will go through life thinking you are alone or not part of a group, sometimes I think we are better off alone.  Some of you will think you are too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too ugly, whatever.  Didn't we get these bodies by design?  Isn't there a grander plan for all of it?  For me it was better to not fit in, it made me go my own path and overcome obstacles, I don't think I would anywhere close to where I am today, which by the way is far from perfect. 


Next week a real interesting show about ufo's and maybe sychronicity.  Rob and Trish Magregor will share their research and new book.



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