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about-lisette-larkins-headshot.jpgMy guest this week, Lisette Larkins, claims she's been talking to and interacting with E.T.s since she was a child.  Her interaction with whatever these beings are is so unique and not what you may think.  Some of you are going to skip over this show without taking the time to listen, if you do take the time you might find this show really is not about E.T.s so much  as it is about the Laws Of Atraction.  Now what would these E.T.s know about that?   Perhaps quite a bit.

I've always wondered why some abductions or even interactions were so vastly different than others.  Most from what I've read are bewildered and afraid of what's going on.  Some are truly terrified and see these beings as evil.  And then there are just a few here and there that seem to be telling a different story, now why is that?  Could it be we attract what we are?  Could we attract what our focus is on?  Does that even apply to intergalactic beings?  One would think that might make some sense.

Lisette explains that the beings she's been in contact with are filled with love and have been working with her to understand our unlimitedness and our ability to plot our own course.  Now why would they do that?  Why not?  Lisette connects with them on a very high level and she says depending on your point of reference determines your experience with extra terrestrials.  If you live in fear and feel they may do bad things to you, well the universe seems to think that's what you want and sends it your way.  Now if you wish to have the highest contact possible, which Lisette does, then perhaps you will come to know them in a different way.  To me, this simple explanation, expains why some have had such positive contact while others just the opposite. 

Things not working out in your life?  Getting more difficult?  According to Lisette (and my way of thinking) it's up to you, you are the one who has to change.  Everything around you is just a reflection of what you think and feel.  Still can't change things even though you're positive?  Perhaps somewhere deep inside you need to change something, something you may not even be consciously aware of.  This show really isn't about aliens, it's about greater understanding of what we can become if we choose.


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