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robandtrishmcgregor.jpgMeet Rob and Trish McGregor.  Rob wrote 6 books about Indiana Jones, none of them were turned into movies.  Together the 2 of them have combined their talents to find answers for a new book which just came out:  Aliens In The Back Yard.  The book is about 4 people who have had very unsual encounters, some have been taken, or so they believe.  What Rob and Trish have discovered is that there is a lot of syncronicity around these events, before and after.  They also have discovered that some have become empaths and their psychic abilities have been heightened.  When this show was recorded they just came off of doing Coast To Coast with George Noory, and they have been on Whitley Streiber's Unknown Country.  Perhaps that coolest thing is that they are connected to Bruce Gernon and my future guest Kathy Doore.  Rob actually co-authored Bruce's book The Fog, about his weird experience in the triangle.  It all seems so connected, and now I am connected to them.  On a side not I found the McGregor's to be very open minded and aware.  We will do more shows in the future, maybe even with some of those mentioned in the book.  From south Florida this week I speak with Rob and Trish McGregor.


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