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December 27th, 2012

presence_of_gaia.jpegI've heard many refer to Earth as Gaia, many believe that Gaia is a living  energy.  What's happening with Gaia?  Is Gaia going through some changes?  Does Gaia have any messages for us?  So this week with the help of Joy Regina Melchezidek we are going to see what "mama" has to say.  I also ask about the rumor of a hollow Earth, and whether the expedition that leaves Russia in 2013 will find anything.  (previous earlier show)  If we are in these Earth changes, how much longer will they continue to last?  It's crazy, this show was recorded a few weeks ago yet on the 21st I really had a feeling come over me about changes and I felt more aware.  Maybe it was all in my head, but I couldn't get the Earth changes out of my brain.  Was I sensing anything?  Only time will tell.  Perhaps some of you have felt some things as well.

Secondly, we are going to talk to the Sirian Council.  What the heck is that?  Well, it has nothing to do with the country.  I'm guessing these are spirit beings that are connected to Sirius, and a universal awareness, and I can only guess after talking to them that they are multidimensional.  What do they have to say?  It seems their's is a similar message of evolution and awakening.  I will say this, I did like to their response as to why we are in such chaos and why things need to change.  Very few have provided such an in depth answer.

Joy also talks about the Hearthread work she did on me, it was pretty amazing.  She called me one night and spent about an hour telling me what was going on with my body, and where there were energy blockages, and who was around working with me.  Some of it really hit me because they were feelings that I already knew but never shared with anyone.

This is my second interview with Joy and while it may appear to be a bit out there, it feels right to be working with her.  You may hear things that you've never heard before, again, I'm not trying to change your beliefs or challenge them.  Some of this I am not familiar with but I may have heard a little about over the years.  Some of it I am just curious about.  Like working with Roslyn McGrath, I truly enjoy these channeling sessions and what information is coming forward. 


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December 20th, 2012

drfahey.jpegPsychology professor Dr. Robert Fahey, who is also a psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant, has launched his website, www.vippetlife.com  aimed at pet owners and pet stores to help bring healing and comfort when a pet dies.  Do pets go to heaven?  Is my pet okay?  Will I ever see my pet again?  What if you could speak to your living pet, do you think they would have anything to say?  Do you ever get the feeling that they know us better than we think?

I can't tell you how I got Dr. Fahey's contact info but I decided to call him and see what he had to say.  Now, some of you may think I agree with all my guests or I put on people that only support my views, but I really don't care about that so much as long as I feel the person is geniune and truly out to help others.  Let's face it, a pet is like a family member to most of us.  Most of us would love to connect with them again long after they are gone.  My cat, Teddy Bear, has been gone for almost 30 years yet there are times I think of him and still miss him and I truly believe he has come to visit me when I was in a dream state.  I always felt sorry for our dog, he didn't have much of a life spending a good part of it on the end of a chain.  In this show my dog Nipper comes through.  And then there is that squirrel, the one I saw my mother holding a couple of years ago in a visitation.  The doc is pretty spot on for 3 different readings and when we recorded the show and at the time I wasn't sure but got confirmation later.  One of my co workers, Mindy, has a really fiesty cat.  In this show the cat keeps saying "There's nothing wrong with me."  I later confirmed with Mindy that she tells whoever comes to her house, "I don't know what's wrong with him." 

Like most people who I know can communicate with spirit, Dr. Fahey has the ability to speak with departed loved ones as well.  While I went into this interview a little skeptical I came away feeling really good about Dr. Fahey and the work he does.  His ability to laugh and help others unselfishly are 2 signs I always look for.  His uncanny accuracy didn't hurt any either.  This week I welcome Dr. Robert Fahey from Florida.


Thanks also to Mindy and Anna for letting me use their pets in the readings!  Both felt the readings were pretty accurate, neither was in the studio with me when I recorded this show.


December 13th, 2012

Boy20of20the20Unknown.jpgWill I be around after a week from now, will we all?  I am 99% sure that we all will.  This comes from my conversations with the Earth Energies and an upcoming channeling with Gaia.  This week I feature Reverend Debby Bergeon and we get her take on the shift, which we both feel is a shift in conciousness.  We both feel that the Earth is changing as well and it too is evolving.  We also talk about how more and more of us are becoming aware.  Are things becoming more clear to you?  Do you no longer care about the things you used to?  Do you feel the need to speak the truth with others?  Do you find yourself being more tired?  Some would say those are the symptoms of the shift. 

Reverend Debby talks about our path and how we can get an idea of what it might be.  Many are here right now to be what is termed light bringers.  We feel we are here to assist in this great shift of conciousness.  Many others don't feel that way.  Reverend Debby says there is no value of importance, we are all  here to teach and learn.

We also get on the subject of Indigos, do you know one?  They will stand up and speak their version of the truth.  They are not afraid to call someone out.  Most of them have come around since the early 80's.  Many have been diagnosed with a.d.d.  So we have many topics and this show is going to be featured on Angelic Encounters as well.



December 6th, 2012

potterstreetstation.jpegWhy is it some can see things that others can't?  Is everything that goes on here by design or chance?  My guest this week is from Saginaw Michigan, a medium sized city in southeastern lower Michigan.  As a boy he would see things that others didn't.  It would always be explained away but he knew inside that what he was seeing is true.  Above left is that old Potter Street train station in Saginaw Michigan.  Is it haunted?  Well, it's been around since the mid 1800's and many who have been there have experienced unsual things including this weeks guest Keith Wizner.  Keith is just a regular guy, even a bit nervous to tell his story because of potential fallout.  I felt that way before, now I just don't care although I won't walk around town with a sign on my neck saying "I believe in the paranomal."  Or "I see spirits."  It takes a bit of courage to take the next step and I kind of believe that is why some are born with certain abilities, so we can help others.  So this week perhaps a bit out of his comfort zone Keith speaks about his experiences with spirits or ghosts.  I encourage these shows because for many it is the first step to getting past the fear of what others will think and how we will be accepted.  After we get past all of those things we appear to blossom to our full potential.  Thank you Keith for sharing and speaking your truth, perhaps someday all will feel no reservations in doing so.  Keith may have a coffeetable book coming out about his adventures and I welcome him back then as well. 


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