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Boy20of20the20Unknown.jpgWill I be around after a week from now, will we all?  I am 99% sure that we all will.  This comes from my conversations with the Earth Energies and an upcoming channeling with Gaia.  This week I feature Reverend Debby Bergeon and we get her take on the shift, which we both feel is a shift in conciousness.  We both feel that the Earth is changing as well and it too is evolving.  We also talk about how more and more of us are becoming aware.  Are things becoming more clear to you?  Do you no longer care about the things you used to?  Do you feel the need to speak the truth with others?  Do you find yourself being more tired?  Some would say those are the symptoms of the shift. 

Reverend Debby talks about our path and how we can get an idea of what it might be.  Many are here right now to be what is termed light bringers.  We feel we are here to assist in this great shift of conciousness.  Many others don't feel that way.  Reverend Debby says there is no value of importance, we are all  here to teach and learn.

We also get on the subject of Indigos, do you know one?  They will stand up and speak their version of the truth.  They are not afraid to call someone out.  Most of them have come around since the early 80's.  Many have been diagnosed with a.d.d.  So we have many topics and this show is going to be featured on Angelic Encounters as well.


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