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potterstreetstation.jpegWhy is it some can see things that others can't?  Is everything that goes on here by design or chance?  My guest this week is from Saginaw Michigan, a medium sized city in southeastern lower Michigan.  As a boy he would see things that others didn't.  It would always be explained away but he knew inside that what he was seeing is true.  Above left is that old Potter Street train station in Saginaw Michigan.  Is it haunted?  Well, it's been around since the mid 1800's and many who have been there have experienced unsual things including this weeks guest Keith Wizner.  Keith is just a regular guy, even a bit nervous to tell his story because of potential fallout.  I felt that way before, now I just don't care although I won't walk around town with a sign on my neck saying "I believe in the paranomal."  Or "I see spirits."  It takes a bit of courage to take the next step and I kind of believe that is why some are born with certain abilities, so we can help others.  So this week perhaps a bit out of his comfort zone Keith speaks about his experiences with spirits or ghosts.  I encourage these shows because for many it is the first step to getting past the fear of what others will think and how we will be accepted.  After we get past all of those things we appear to blossom to our full potential.  Thank you Keith for sharing and speaking your truth, perhaps someday all will feel no reservations in doing so.  Keith may have a coffeetable book coming out about his adventures and I welcome him back then as well. 

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