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October 25th, 2012

JAUNITARICHARDSON.jpgThe following is a rebroadcast from roughly 4 years ago.  I figured since it's almost Halloween it was time to go into the archives and play a show that most of you have never heard.  In this show I speak with a woman named Michelle who has been seeing ghosts for a long time, ever since she was a kid.  She has had interactions that most will not experience, now why is that?  It seems those who have the the ability to see become a conduit.  Others in her family have been around to witness the strange events as well.  However, the main reason I did this show was that Michelle served as a juror on a murder trial involving a woman who was apparently pushed by her husband off of the cliffs of Pictured Rocks Park, just outside of Munising Michigan.  NBC featured this story on their news magazine Dateline.  What Dateline didn't tell you was the best part, the fact that many believe the womans spirit was in the courthouse during the trial.  Above left is a picture of Jaunita Richardson, her story was told in June of 2008 on Dateline, her husband Tom was found guilty of murder.  Was Jaunita's ghost or spirit present at the trial?  Was she there for justice?  Was she there to comfort others who were grieving for her?

white-woman-ghosts.jpgIf I was a ghost, and maybe I have been one, and someone whacked me, I would probably want to get revenge on my murderer.  Wouldn't that be the natural conclusion?  Wouldn't you want to find a psychic who can tell your story?  Wouldn't that be a great way to prosecute murder cases if we could speak to the victim who's either stuck or on the other side?  Yet you rarely hear that from ghost investigators, they rarely run into a spirit that wants to talk about how their life was taken.  I do have a friend who actually lives in Munising Michigan and she swears there is a little girl who was murdered in her house and the girl wants others to know that the murderer is still alive.  From what I've seen that only seems to be the case when we are in transition, we still care what goes on here.  Once we get to the other side it seems like it really doesn't matter anymore, and I guess it shouldn't, the universe will take care of it.  If you believe in karma then sooner or later what goes around will come back around at some point.  And I don't see it as punishment, but instead as a way to learn.  "Bob, sorry I stabbed you in the last lifetime I just got worked up a bit."  "That's okay Bill I'll just stab you next time around."  "Ha ha ha ha..."  Now this is not an endorsement for you to do horrible things to others because they are soveriegn beings just as you are.  Do unto others...

Twisted?   Maybe my view is not the norm.  Happy Halloween!


October 18th, 2012

She_Circled_Into_Her_Flowing_Dreams.jpgOne thing I've notice over my lifetime is how much I love to create.  It seems like I am at my happiest when I am creating.  As a kid I was creating monumental battles with my army men.  In school I creating an incredible portrait, even if it was just a very plain drawing.  In high school I took drafting and carpentry classes so I could create things.  In my adult life I settled on a career that allowed me unlimited creativity.  Are we beings who live to create?  Is that part of who we really are?  If so, how can we bring this forward?  Maybe we've closed that off with our jobs and our lives and now we hear it calling to us.  Why is this something of value? 

I've noticed that people who are highly creative, or artisitic, seem to be coming from a different level or understanding.  Some say by allowing these creative juices to flow we continue to open up to who we are, or tap into something greater which we are a part of.  This week Roslyn McGrath joins me and we talk about her creative workshops that she does.  Above left she drew this creative wisdom card, if you want see if it speaks to you in any way.  Roslyn teaches classes to help others grow.  In turn she grows.  She channels to help others find answers and grow.  She draws and paints to assist others so they may see something they are missing.  I find this all very interesting, now I get it.  I kind of see it as we are little creators who came from the Big creator, and if the Big creator gets great joy in creating, wouldn't that be the same for us?  In a way, is this the real reason we are here?  Some of you will say you lead very dull lives and you don't do a lot of creating.  Each day is a creation unto itself.  What if learning to tap into that part of ourself can open even more doors to greater understanding?  What is it that allowed Picaso, Beethoven, or even Einstein to achieve and create what they did?  Could we all become what they were, or at least more that we believe ourselves to be?

Roslyn will start her creative wisdom classes on Sunday November 4th from 1-4pm.  Those who go to the website listed below and comment can receive a 15% discount off any individual Creative Wisdom product or 25% off the Creative Wisdom Cards and Meditation CD set, now through November 5th 2012. 


As an added bonus we talk a bit about the divine feminine energies, down the road we will channel those energies!


October 7th, 2012

de.jpegThis week I turn my show over to someone who is like a sister to me, Reverend Debby Bergeon.  I've known her now for a few years and time and again she's helped me and many others.

It all started when a woman called the radio station with a lost cat.  I suggested she contact Debby.  Debby's reading was accurate and the cat returned home just in time for the family.  Since then I've witnessed many incredible moments with my "sis".  What I truly like about this woman is her unselfishness and her gentle approach when dealing with others.  The fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously is another good sign to me.  There are times when she has been wrong and she will openingly admit that.  She'll admit that she doesn't have all the answers or completely understand the process.  Probably the most important thing is that Debby is accepting of all who come to her, regardless of their own personal beliefs.

Some of you will think I'm promoting a religious show, or a metaphysical show, or whatever, I am merely offering you a chance to hear someone who appears to have the ability to help others with love and compassion.  We are not trying to recruit believers or change your beliefs.  This week Reverend Debby answers questions dealing with angel guidance, and contact from loved ones on the other side.  I ask her how these answers come to her, because I want to know. 






We may not both not see things the same way but we both keep an open mind to all possibilities.  How else can you learn?







October 5th, 2012

It's crazy here this week at the radio station, so I won't be able to post a new show today.  I'm coming in Sunday, so hopefully then.  My next interview is with Reverend Debby Bergeon.  This will actually be a show for her website dealing with angels and passed spirits.  Debby communicates with angels, arc angels, and spirits who have passed and are trying to contact their loved ones.  Debby will be answering emails and I'll ask her a couple of questions. 

We did a second show that will air within a month or so, it is really out there.  What if you could ask a psychic, or medium any question you wanted?  What if you asked about recent events that we all know about, like "Did O.J. do the murder?"  Or was there more than one gunman in JFK's assasination?  Or Martin Luther King?  Or, what happened to Emelia Erhart?  Or, like some of you may suspect, were there others involved in 911?  Her answers blew my mind, some I kind of figured, others I was suprised about, that show will be coming in November.


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