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JAUNITARICHARDSON.jpgThe following is a rebroadcast from roughly 4 years ago.  I figured since it's almost Halloween it was time to go into the archives and play a show that most of you have never heard.  In this show I speak with a woman named Michelle who has been seeing ghosts for a long time, ever since she was a kid.  She has had interactions that most will not experience, now why is that?  It seems those who have the the ability to see become a conduit.  Others in her family have been around to witness the strange events as well.  However, the main reason I did this show was that Michelle served as a juror on a murder trial involving a woman who was apparently pushed by her husband off of the cliffs of Pictured Rocks Park, just outside of Munising Michigan.  NBC featured this story on their news magazine Dateline.  What Dateline didn't tell you was the best part, the fact that many believe the womans spirit was in the courthouse during the trial.  Above left is a picture of Jaunita Richardson, her story was told in June of 2008 on Dateline, her husband Tom was found guilty of murder.  Was Jaunita's ghost or spirit present at the trial?  Was she there for justice?  Was she there to comfort others who were grieving for her?

white-woman-ghosts.jpgIf I was a ghost, and maybe I have been one, and someone whacked me, I would probably want to get revenge on my murderer.  Wouldn't that be the natural conclusion?  Wouldn't you want to find a psychic who can tell your story?  Wouldn't that be a great way to prosecute murder cases if we could speak to the victim who's either stuck or on the other side?  Yet you rarely hear that from ghost investigators, they rarely run into a spirit that wants to talk about how their life was taken.  I do have a friend who actually lives in Munising Michigan and she swears there is a little girl who was murdered in her house and the girl wants others to know that the murderer is still alive.  From what I've seen that only seems to be the case when we are in transition, we still care what goes on here.  Once we get to the other side it seems like it really doesn't matter anymore, and I guess it shouldn't, the universe will take care of it.  If you believe in karma then sooner or later what goes around will come back around at some point.  And I don't see it as punishment, but instead as a way to learn.  "Bob, sorry I stabbed you in the last lifetime I just got worked up a bit."  "That's okay Bill I'll just stab you next time around."  "Ha ha ha ha..."  Now this is not an endorsement for you to do horrible things to others because they are soveriegn beings just as you are.  Do unto others...

Twisted?   Maybe my view is not the norm.  Happy Halloween!

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