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de.jpegThis week I turn my show over to someone who is like a sister to me, Reverend Debby Bergeon.  I've known her now for a few years and time and again she's helped me and many others.

It all started when a woman called the radio station with a lost cat.  I suggested she contact Debby.  Debby's reading was accurate and the cat returned home just in time for the family.  Since then I've witnessed many incredible moments with my "sis".  What I truly like about this woman is her unselfishness and her gentle approach when dealing with others.  The fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously is another good sign to me.  There are times when she has been wrong and she will openingly admit that.  She'll admit that she doesn't have all the answers or completely understand the process.  Probably the most important thing is that Debby is accepting of all who come to her, regardless of their own personal beliefs.

Some of you will think I'm promoting a religious show, or a metaphysical show, or whatever, I am merely offering you a chance to hear someone who appears to have the ability to help others with love and compassion.  We are not trying to recruit believers or change your beliefs.  This week Reverend Debby answers questions dealing with angel guidance, and contact from loved ones on the other side.  I ask her how these answers come to her, because I want to know. 






We may not both not see things the same way but we both keep an open mind to all possibilities.  How else can you learn?






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