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March 29th, 2012

Why am I on edge more?  Why is that I just don't seem to care about many things like I used to?  Maybe I'm just getting older.  I just had this conversation with a co worker who has been getting frustrated because others don't appear to care about their jobs.   I still care about doing a good job, I am just tired of dealing with the lower vibration that exists in the workplace.  This never used to bother me that much.  Is it me, or is it something that we can't see going on?  

Something is going on with the planet, the magnetic poles are moving, shifting.  Regardless of  all of the doom and gloom, or lack there of, is this pole shift having an affect on all of us?  Could that be why so many are not acting like themselves.  Some say that we are just getting rid of what doesn't serve us.  Some say the planet is evolving spiritually and so are we.  To be honest I've even lost a bit of desire to do this podcast.  I think, why?  What am I trying to gain by doing this show?  At first, I felt I was driven to do this by an invisible force that was pushing me forward to help reveal things that have been hidden or unknown.  I felt the strange experiences I had from early on in my life were all preparing me for this show.  Now I realize a lot of this was for my own learning, by talking to the guests I've gained perspective that I didn't have before.  I don't know what my listeners think, do you feel this way as well?  I can only imagine that some of you do.

I thought back to an interview I did with Little Fox, I really liked what he had to say and how he left it up to me to make my own changes.   In a way it all was put in perspective, the planet is changing and so are we.  It is not a bad thing, just part of our growth.  This show drew the most commentary from listeners, some liked what he had to say, some felt he was a phony.  I personally felt the previous.  Many are saying similar things, the only thing I don't like is that they don't empower you, they make you dependent on them.  That is not the right way.  Little Fox empowers you with a simple message.


March 23rd, 2012


In June of 2011 I interviewed Linda Zimmeran from New York State.  I had to cut the audio from the show to make room on my website.  I figured now was as good as time as any to restore the show I did with Linda about her ghostly adventures of researching and storytelling.

Several years ago, Linda was giving a series of history lectures for the bicentennial of Rockland County, in southern New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. One evening, someone asked about local ghosts and legends, so Linda told the one ghost story she knew. A few days later, she received a call. The excited voice on the other end of the line said, "I hear you give ghost talks!" Linda then added a few more ghost stories to her lectures, word spread, and by the end of the series, more people were showing up to hear about the ghosts than the history.

Please welcome Linda Zimmerman from upstate New York with a few creepy tales of ghost investigations.  www.ghostinvestigator.com


March 15th, 2012

pyramidemittinglight.jpgThis picture was snapped in 2009 by a family when they were vacationing in Mexico and took a picture of the Mayan Kukulkan pyramid.  The pink beam of light only showed up in one photo that the family took.  Apparently other lights from pyramids have been showing up in other parts of the world.  What's going on?  Are the pyramids more than just tombs as we are told?

The Earth has been making some pretty weird sounds?  Does it have indigestion?  Is it about to regurgitate the populace? 

I've always wondered if there was any relation between crop circles and cattle mutilations.  If we are being visited, what is the purpose of the circles, the mutilations and human abductions?

In 1962 David Twichell and his sister, along with his parents, watched a huge u.f.o. appear to rip an opening in the sky.  Later David would find out both he and his sister were taken.  This incident would lead David down a road of investigation.  For 6 years David has been hosting We Are Not Alone on a radio station in Detroit Michigan.  He has interviewed just about everyone in the u.f.o. realm.  When I have a ufo question I usually ask David.  Since I did a show about crop circles last week I thought I could get David's opinion.  He's always a pleasure to talk to, this week I welcome David Twichell from Trenton Michigan.    www.ufoimplications.com


March 2nd, 2012

cropcirclesinharris.jpgIn October of 2011 John Jorasz's son found 2 big crop circles in a field a couple of miles from his home in Wilson Michigan.  Local media was called and investigators showed up to take pictures.  As far as we know this is only the second time this has ever happened in Upper Michigan.  I heard about it at the time and I knew it was out towards where I live, but I didn't realize John's farm is less than a mile from my house, I go by it everyday on my way home.  At left is an actual picture of one of the crop circles.  So what causes this?  In most cases it's probably someone looking for attention.  However, and you will hear from two experts later in this show, there appears to be some circles, or designs, that are caused by something else.  Nature?  Alien beings?  Multidimentional beings? 

Robert Hulce and David Kayden live in England and have been investigating crop circles for 15 years and believe that 5% cannot be explained.  They even go as far as to say that they think someone may be trying to communicate with us. 

In this show you will hear my interview with John Jorasz, local farmer, and I also inserted part of an interview I found on the internet with Robert and David. 

What is it?  Nothing more than some kids fooling around?  Or is there something more to it?  Is someone trying to get us to wake up to a greater awareness or understanding?  If there is other life in the universe, I have to believe they has been visiting us for a very long time.  Some say they will not interfere with us, but they do try to assist us so that we may figure things out for ourselves.  To me that would the greatest way to interact with a species that may not evolved as you, if you have respect for that species you don't just step in and take over for their own good.  Whatever this may be it appears to be a positive thing, other than the loss of revenue from the crops.  It appears to be in no way connected to the cattle and horse mutilations that appear out west and in Canada.


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