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pyramidemittinglight.jpgThis picture was snapped in 2009 by a family when they were vacationing in Mexico and took a picture of the Mayan Kukulkan pyramid.  The pink beam of light only showed up in one photo that the family took.  Apparently other lights from pyramids have been showing up in other parts of the world.  What's going on?  Are the pyramids more than just tombs as we are told?

The Earth has been making some pretty weird sounds?  Does it have indigestion?  Is it about to regurgitate the populace? 

I've always wondered if there was any relation between crop circles and cattle mutilations.  If we are being visited, what is the purpose of the circles, the mutilations and human abductions?

In 1962 David Twichell and his sister, along with his parents, watched a huge u.f.o. appear to rip an opening in the sky.  Later David would find out both he and his sister were taken.  This incident would lead David down a road of investigation.  For 6 years David has been hosting We Are Not Alone on a radio station in Detroit Michigan.  He has interviewed just about everyone in the u.f.o. realm.  When I have a ufo question I usually ask David.  Since I did a show about crop circles last week I thought I could get David's opinion.  He's always a pleasure to talk to, this week I welcome David Twichell from Trenton Michigan.    www.ufoimplications.com

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