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Why am I on edge more?  Why is that I just don't seem to care about many things like I used to?  Maybe I'm just getting older.  I just had this conversation with a co worker who has been getting frustrated because others don't appear to care about their jobs.   I still care about doing a good job, I am just tired of dealing with the lower vibration that exists in the workplace.  This never used to bother me that much.  Is it me, or is it something that we can't see going on?  

Something is going on with the planet, the magnetic poles are moving, shifting.  Regardless of  all of the doom and gloom, or lack there of, is this pole shift having an affect on all of us?  Could that be why so many are not acting like themselves.  Some say that we are just getting rid of what doesn't serve us.  Some say the planet is evolving spiritually and so are we.  To be honest I've even lost a bit of desire to do this podcast.  I think, why?  What am I trying to gain by doing this show?  At first, I felt I was driven to do this by an invisible force that was pushing me forward to help reveal things that have been hidden or unknown.  I felt the strange experiences I had from early on in my life were all preparing me for this show.  Now I realize a lot of this was for my own learning, by talking to the guests I've gained perspective that I didn't have before.  I don't know what my listeners think, do you feel this way as well?  I can only imagine that some of you do.

I thought back to an interview I did with Little Fox, I really liked what he had to say and how he left it up to me to make my own changes.   In a way it all was put in perspective, the planet is changing and so are we.  It is not a bad thing, just part of our growth.  This show drew the most commentary from listeners, some liked what he had to say, some felt he was a phony.  I personally felt the previous.  Many are saying similar things, the only thing I don't like is that they don't empower you, they make you dependent on them.  That is not the right way.  Little Fox empowers you with a simple message.

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