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July 28th, 2010

jackallisvisionsof2012.jpgJack Allis has been on my show a couple of times, his prior chats were about his previous books and his vision of 2012.  Jack has been a student of native and indigenous peoples and their teachings for quite some time now.  His recent books were a cross between fiction and fact- faction.  Now, because he has had some unique experiences he writes from his own heart, I found that very interesting.  He disusses how the Hopi's believed that the Earth had been destroyed 3 times already and the fourth time was soon at hand.  He met a Mayan elder from Guatemala in the last year or so and most of what has happened since has inspired his new book.  Jack believes there are great changes coming, many do.  Are they right?  I don't know for sure but I do entertain the thought.  Jack is not the first guest to mention a trek to Mount Shasta, what is it about that place that is drawing people there?  Jack was accepted into the Council Of Grandfathers and discusses the changes it has had on his life.  Jack goes on in his book to explain why we are on a possible collision course with an Earth cleansing.  Isn't it obvious?  Look at what we do to the planet, and I'm not talking global warming.  Look at how we treat each other, at least some of us.  Look at the extreme weather we are getting.  Is it part of a cycle?  My own life experience tells me that when things are not in balance I get a wake up call.  It has happened to me over and over for the last number of years.

You have heard me talk about this before and my goal is not to frighten anyone.  But, what if some of this is true?  Would it hurt to stock up on food and supplies just in case?  I don't think that is ever a bad idea.  My mother lived in Germany as a child during World War 2, she became somewhat of a hoarder because she knew there could come a time when food and other items could become scarce.  Also would it hurt to try to become more in touch with your own being?  I don't ever think you lose when you self explore.  I don't think you ever hurt anything when you ask questions, do you?  Some of you will think this is total crap and you may be right, or you may be wrong.  How do you know?  There isn't a one of us who has all of the answers, or I just haven't met him/her yet.





July 21st, 2010

hartelpooldowntown.jpgAt left is a picture of a quaint town in northeastern England.  It is called Hartlepool.  I don't know why I'm drawn to these type of pictures, did I live in a place similar to this in a previous time?  For most of you it will not have any meaning and prior to this interview I had never heard of it.  But, every town has it's unique history and every person in that town has a story.  My guest this week is a gal named Stacy, and we'll just leave it at that.  She lived part of her life in this town, and while it looks like a beautiful town by the sea, it has some dark secrets.   My guest this weeks shares her torment before she made her escape to the United States with her children.  But that's only half of it, a few years ago her mum passed and since then she's made contact with the family.  What kind of contact?  Well, you'll see. 

Stacy shares a couple of paranormal experiences and tries to work through the pain, perhaps that is why she has so much physical pain today, perhaps it has manifested that way. One thing is for certain, after all that this remarkable person has been through she still sees this as being part of a learning journey.

hartelpoolsealwallwalk.jpghartlepoolhistoric.jpgCall me crazy but old ships and European villages or harbors ring in my soul.  Just like being native American and just like living around the  Civil War era.


July 14th, 2010

cure_in_forest.jpgwild_oregano_miracle.jpgDr Cass Ingram first spoke with me some 8 years ago, I'm guessing.  At the time I wasn't sure what to believe.  He sent me his book, The Cure Is In The Cupboard and some Oil Of Oreganol P73.  It was a small container that was put in our medicine cabinet for a few years until one night my wife complained of shooting pains in her head.  I wanted to help her and the only thing I could find was the Oil Of Oreganol and I remembered reading his in his book that it had many properties that can help infection or even work as an antioxident.  So I grabbed the book and re read the part dealing with head pain and followed the procedure.  My wife's pain went away completely the next day, it returned two weeks later and we did the same thing and it dissapeared for good.  I thought that was pretty amazing.  A couple of years ago I was coming down with a rare cold and I decided to try Oil Of Oregano.  I have never experienced this in my life, I mean never, the cold literally disappeared in a matter of a few hours.  Colds just don't go away that quickly, at least with me they don't.

The good Doctor in not one who is at a loss for words, he is very opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind.  He has treated people naturally for 30 years and has written several books.  He also speaks of a conspiracy within the medical community to keep the truth about natural healing from coming out.  Is he right?  How would I truly know.  Is it possible?  It's pretty obvious the drug companies are making a lot of money with their latest drug inventions. 

I look at it this way.  Didn't God put us here and don't you think he would have given us everything we need in nature to heal ourselves?  Will others sacrifice lives for profit?  There was a recent story on the American Greed program that talked about a drug company that had no problems selling a drug even though there was a risk of severe problems including death.  Finally someone within the company came forward and blew the whistle.  The company wasn't even shut down, they paid a fine and are still around today.  Now, do you think this company turned over a new leaf?  According to the story, even though the fine was millions, it was a drop in the bucket compared to profits. 

Now what's going on in the gulf.  Did you know that BP released a chemical that was supposed to dissipate the oil?  I heard that.  Did you also know that many are getting sick from exposure to this chemical, and we're not hearing about it.  

Can we heal ourselves with natural ways from most illness?  After listening to Dr. Ingram, reading his books and trying some of the products he's used, I would say yes.  But that is my opinion, see for yourself.  Listen, for $29 you can get a bottle of Oil Of Oreganol P73 and try it for yourself.  That shouldn't break your bank, I wouldn't recommend this if I didn't truly truly believe in it.  And no, I don't have stock in Oreganol, neither does Dr. Ingram.

He is highly outspoken and has no problem taking the heat, this week it's Dr. Cass Ingram out of Chicago.


July 9th, 2010

A short show this week, no guests but a clip from my on air show.  Thought it might give you some insight to my real job and some of my friends.  Plus to me it's funny and if it gives you a laugh, well that's good for your health.  Next week Dr. Cass Ingram who has a very interesting presentation regarding natural healing and other topics.  I just got Jack Allis's new book and it is really interesting and will have him on soon.  So this week, just a ten minute show.  Joy!


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