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jackallisvisionsof2012.jpgJack Allis has been on my show a couple of times, his prior chats were about his previous books and his vision of 2012.  Jack has been a student of native and indigenous peoples and their teachings for quite some time now.  His recent books were a cross between fiction and fact- faction.  Now, because he has had some unique experiences he writes from his own heart, I found that very interesting.  He disusses how the Hopi's believed that the Earth had been destroyed 3 times already and the fourth time was soon at hand.  He met a Mayan elder from Guatemala in the last year or so and most of what has happened since has inspired his new book.  Jack believes there are great changes coming, many do.  Are they right?  I don't know for sure but I do entertain the thought.  Jack is not the first guest to mention a trek to Mount Shasta, what is it about that place that is drawing people there?  Jack was accepted into the Council Of Grandfathers and discusses the changes it has had on his life.  Jack goes on in his book to explain why we are on a possible collision course with an Earth cleansing.  Isn't it obvious?  Look at what we do to the planet, and I'm not talking global warming.  Look at how we treat each other, at least some of us.  Look at the extreme weather we are getting.  Is it part of a cycle?  My own life experience tells me that when things are not in balance I get a wake up call.  It has happened to me over and over for the last number of years.

You have heard me talk about this before and my goal is not to frighten anyone.  But, what if some of this is true?  Would it hurt to stock up on food and supplies just in case?  I don't think that is ever a bad idea.  My mother lived in Germany as a child during World War 2, she became somewhat of a hoarder because she knew there could come a time when food and other items could become scarce.  Also would it hurt to try to become more in touch with your own being?  I don't ever think you lose when you self explore.  I don't think you ever hurt anything when you ask questions, do you?  Some of you will think this is total crap and you may be right, or you may be wrong.  How do you know?  There isn't a one of us who has all of the answers, or I just haven't met him/her yet.




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