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hartelpooldowntown.jpgAt left is a picture of a quaint town in northeastern England.  It is called Hartlepool.  I don't know why I'm drawn to these type of pictures, did I live in a place similar to this in a previous time?  For most of you it will not have any meaning and prior to this interview I had never heard of it.  But, every town has it's unique history and every person in that town has a story.  My guest this week is a gal named Stacy, and we'll just leave it at that.  She lived part of her life in this town, and while it looks like a beautiful town by the sea, it has some dark secrets.   My guest this weeks shares her torment before she made her escape to the United States with her children.  But that's only half of it, a few years ago her mum passed and since then she's made contact with the family.  What kind of contact?  Well, you'll see. 

Stacy shares a couple of paranormal experiences and tries to work through the pain, perhaps that is why she has so much physical pain today, perhaps it has manifested that way. One thing is for certain, after all that this remarkable person has been through she still sees this as being part of a learning journey.

hartelpoolsealwallwalk.jpghartlepoolhistoric.jpgCall me crazy but old ships and European villages or harbors ring in my soul.  Just like being native American and just like living around the  Civil War era.

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