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May 26th, 2010

johnnystauggie.jpgThis week a raging lunatic joins me as we ponder a few things.  Look at that picture, is that the picture of a sane man?  Is he dangerous?  He could be.  How did he get in here?  We forgot to lock the doors. 

This week my buddy John St. Augustine pops in and we cover a whole host of topics.  What started out as a work project wound up being an interview as well.  John puts me on the spot and we just have a bit of fun.  The topics range from personal beliefs, paranormal, conspiracy, ufos, The Masters, reincarnation, all kinds of bizarre topics.  While generally this show is about first hand experience, this week we take a slightly different turn.  However, John has had his share of many strange events in his own life.  Some are beyond explanation.

John is a national author, talk show host, world class motivational speaker, former producer and many other things including a free thinking spirit who seeks answers.  Mostly he's just like anyone else, pursuing his own journey. 

Congrats to John on his new position at MyWakeUpCalls.net and you can go there to listen to his powerthought wake up call, as well as many very other uplifting hosts.

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May 19th, 2010

Book20Cover20smaller.jpgSome of you may think this is some kind of new age, metaphysical, paranormal site.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  Or it's that site that keeps promoting ancient indigenous prophecy.  Or maybe you think I'm pushing religion since my last two guests have been a reverand and an ordained minister.  I talk to whoever strikes my interest and I don't care from what reference point they are coming from, as long as it is positive, or love.  All unknowns are connected, the way I see it.  There is a greater truth in all things and I believe it has been hidden or forgotten.  Is it possible we knew more at one time than we do now?  Each one of us is a piece of this puzzle, each book ever written is a piece of this puzzle.  I believe we are coming into a time of answers, I don't know for sure, but I just feel that.  I do this show with a curious mind, you are not required or expected to be a follower, this is not a cult.  However, like me, you may seek answers to some or all things, and while there are many many sources to choose from, the hard part is to find credible sources.  Sources that are geniune. 

Ordained Minister Dr. Beth Mercado is my guest this week, and no, I don't think she's out to save any souls.   The conversation is not about religion.  Dr. Beth is from the Phillipines, yet she also calls Garden Michigan one of her homes.  How great is that?  A world traveled woman who resides a short distance from me.  The stories she has to tell, enough that she was able to write a book called Whispers Of The Soul.  Thanks to a mutual friend, Maggie, I was able meet Dr. Beth via the phone and set up this interview.  What caught my eye is that Dr. Beth travels the world promoting laughter workshops.  I really like laughter, I've kind of been a clown my whole life, the host you hear on this show is somewhat toned down compared to the way I can be at times.  Like Dr. Beth, I believe laughter can heal us, but there is also something more to it.  Laughter, as crazy as this sounds, creates a spiritual connection.  Look at a young child.  Look at the joy to which they approach life.  Look at the wonderment in their eyes at all that is around them.  Look at how they laugh.  We all were like that at one time before we were stressed or tainted by life in some way.  Dr. Beth began her spiritual journey after she suffered a stroke and started seeking and finding answers.  So please welcome Dr. Beth Mercado, a woman with many credentials, but mainly just a pleasant spirit to talk to!

Have you noticed that people who live in third world poverty seem to be happier some of us in the states.  Why is that?  Have you noticed healthy people seem to laugh a lot?  Have you noticed that they can laugh at themselves?  Are these reminders of who and what we truly are? 

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Talking To Angels With Reverand Debby

May 12th, 2010

reveranddebby.jpgThis week I feature a show that was recorded in a studio a couple of weeks back.  Debby Bergeon and I came up with a concept that would allow others to call in and ask questions of the angels.  Do you believe in angels?  Do you believe they are around us, helping us from time to time?  Have you ever been involved in a miraculous event and survived?  I have, at least 4 times in my life.  Did someone help me?  I think so. 

I have known Reverand Debby for a few years now, she is like a sister from another time.  From my own experience she is a warm, sensitive, geniune, humble, joyfull being.  There are times when she says things and I still doubt her, they just seem unbelievable, and yet I find validation later to support what she has said.  This has happened over and over again.  Does this topic scare some of you?  My experience with all of this is that there is nothing to be afraid of, it is (in my opinion) as natural as the world we live in.  Now Reverand Debby may be a little different than others, but aren't we all.  What I do like is that she is accepting of all who she has contact with regardless of what they believe in.  How great is that?

I really feel she does this to help others, she has often just dropped what she is doing to assist others without compensation.  So this week, the show is called:  Talking To Angels With Reverand Debby.


In the future if you would like to be a part of the taping of this show, please let me know.  For more about Reverand Debby go to:  www.theangelwalker.com



May 6th, 2010

As we continue our conversation this week we cover several topics.  One that I find extremely interesting is cell memory.  Do our cells record feelings that we experience?  What about our parents feelings and generations prior, are those cell memories passed along as well?  Here's a good example of cell memory:  When I first started going to Dr. Hubert my back was a little out of alignment and it took several times to convince my body that it needed to go back to it's proper alignment.  My body or cell memory had to be convinced that it was not accurate.  That is why you have to repeat until you change the memory within the body.  Make sense? 

Also this week:  Neuroplasticity, flus- and the hype behind them, stress and illness, genetically altered food and how it could endanger all of us,  how the media creates fear, and finally miracle recoveries through chiropractic treatment. 

Can all disease be healed?  I would like to think so.  Can chiropractics help?  I have witnessed first hand that it can help in many instances. 

Please welcome back Dr. Reed Hubert from Atlas Chiropractics.



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