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johnnystauggie.jpgThis week a raging lunatic joins me as we ponder a few things.  Look at that picture, is that the picture of a sane man?  Is he dangerous?  He could be.  How did he get in here?  We forgot to lock the doors. 

This week my buddy John St. Augustine pops in and we cover a whole host of topics.  What started out as a work project wound up being an interview as well.  John puts me on the spot and we just have a bit of fun.  The topics range from personal beliefs, paranormal, conspiracy, ufos, The Masters, reincarnation, all kinds of bizarre topics.  While generally this show is about first hand experience, this week we take a slightly different turn.  However, John has had his share of many strange events in his own life.  Some are beyond explanation.

John is a national author, talk show host, world class motivational speaker, former producer and many other things including a free thinking spirit who seeks answers.  Mostly he's just like anyone else, pursuing his own journey. 

Congrats to John on his new position at MyWakeUpCalls.net and you can go there to listen to his powerthought wake up call, as well as many very other uplifting hosts.

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