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Book20Cover20smaller.jpgSome of you may think this is some kind of new age, metaphysical, paranormal site.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  Or it's that site that keeps promoting ancient indigenous prophecy.  Or maybe you think I'm pushing religion since my last two guests have been a reverand and an ordained minister.  I talk to whoever strikes my interest and I don't care from what reference point they are coming from, as long as it is positive, or love.  All unknowns are connected, the way I see it.  There is a greater truth in all things and I believe it has been hidden or forgotten.  Is it possible we knew more at one time than we do now?  Each one of us is a piece of this puzzle, each book ever written is a piece of this puzzle.  I believe we are coming into a time of answers, I don't know for sure, but I just feel that.  I do this show with a curious mind, you are not required or expected to be a follower, this is not a cult.  However, like me, you may seek answers to some or all things, and while there are many many sources to choose from, the hard part is to find credible sources.  Sources that are geniune. 

Ordained Minister Dr. Beth Mercado is my guest this week, and no, I don't think she's out to save any souls.   The conversation is not about religion.  Dr. Beth is from the Phillipines, yet she also calls Garden Michigan one of her homes.  How great is that?  A world traveled woman who resides a short distance from me.  The stories she has to tell, enough that she was able to write a book called Whispers Of The Soul.  Thanks to a mutual friend, Maggie, I was able meet Dr. Beth via the phone and set up this interview.  What caught my eye is that Dr. Beth travels the world promoting laughter workshops.  I really like laughter, I've kind of been a clown my whole life, the host you hear on this show is somewhat toned down compared to the way I can be at times.  Like Dr. Beth, I believe laughter can heal us, but there is also something more to it.  Laughter, as crazy as this sounds, creates a spiritual connection.  Look at a young child.  Look at the joy to which they approach life.  Look at the wonderment in their eyes at all that is around them.  Look at how they laugh.  We all were like that at one time before we were stressed or tainted by life in some way.  Dr. Beth began her spiritual journey after she suffered a stroke and started seeking and finding answers.  So please welcome Dr. Beth Mercado, a woman with many credentials, but mainly just a pleasant spirit to talk to!

Have you noticed that people who live in third world poverty seem to be happier some of us in the states.  Why is that?  Have you noticed healthy people seem to laugh a lot?  Have you noticed that they can laugh at themselves?  Are these reminders of who and what we truly are? 

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