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February 24th, 2010

C0028478.jpgThis weeks show is taken from the audio book of Spirit Of The Badge.  Ingrid provided me with this audio a while back, so now I'm finally getting around to using it.  There are three stories that all have a hint of the paranormal.  If you want to find out more about Ingrid's book and her audio book please go to:  www.spiritofthebadge.com

Have you ever had electrical things go off that weren't even plugged in?  Or didn't have batteries?  Would that creep you out?  Would you think that there has to be some sort of reasonable explanation?  Is it possible it could be a spirit?

Have you ever noticed strange or unusual activity from animals?  Have you ever felt you had communication from a loved one coming through an animal?  As weird as that sounds it has happened to me and I have heard it from others many times.



February 17th, 2010

dogghosteimage.jpgThis show is dedicated to those who love their pets and have a natural connection to animals.  I have loved animals all of my life.  I had pets when I was a child up to early adulthood.  Some may think animals are just dumb creatures.  Are they?  Some may think that they are just here for us to use and abuse.  Are they?  While I think animals do serve us in many ways, we need to respect them, the same for all things.  What if there was a way to talk to the animals?  Have you ever felt that you and your pet were connected by thoughts and emotions.  Example:  A woman tells me she loses her boyfriend and is sad, her horse picks up on it and nuzzles up to her.  The boyfriend's dog, who is friendly to almost no one, comes over and lays his head in her lap.  Coincidence?   They say animals can pick up fear, right?  How?  They sense it.  Again, how?  Pehaps some of that can explained by my guest this week, her name is Jill Cornwell from Petosky Michigan.  She has been a telepathic animal communicator for 10 years now.  Some of you may have heard of Sonya Fitzpatrick, well that is how Jill got started by reading one of her books. 

Is there an animal heaven?  Do our pets come visit us after they pass?  Do our pets reincarnate?  What does it mean when our pets act up a bit?  Can we all learn how to tap into this ability?  Jill answers those questions and more on this show and she can even help you with a reading for your pet.  (at a very inexpensive price)  Jill's email:  JillCornwell@gmail.com  catdog.jpg


February 12th, 2010

ghostlytooty100.jpgMy bad, no show this week, although a little audio anyway about future shows.  I got an idea though, see if you are interested and if this pertains to you.  It is at the end of the audio.  This week will only take up about 5 minutes of you time, just a few thoughts about upcoming shows including ufo's, ghosts and animal communication.  Animal communication?  Is it possible that animals pick up on our thoughts and feelings?  Is there a way we can communicate with them?  I hope to have someone discussing that topic within a couple of weeks, I think that might be interesting.  So, I'm a slacker this week but will put my nose back to the grindstone next week.  Take care.


February 4th, 2010

eagles.jpgOvercoming fear.  I've noticed lately that some obstacles have been put in my way, almost like I needed to get by it to move on.  I would say it's probably been like that my whole life, but it just seems to be on a more rapid pace now.  I'm also being taught great patience, so many things are changing at my work place that call for more patience.  For the most part I have learned to let go.  Now, I think I know why I saw that eagle on the railroad tracks a few years ago just staring at my house.  He was showing me that I need to overcome my fears because let's face it, eagles seem pretty fearless.  The fact that he turned his head to look at me with an annoyed look was to let me know that he was serious.  Yet he did not leave, and remained only 20 yards away.  He only flew off to a nearby tree after 2 men from the railroad approached him.  At the time it was a big puzzle and many gave me suggestions and advice.  My guest this week, Shawn Neff, has made it really clear to me about one thing, we need embrace fear in order to take another step.  We need to heal from within, let go, forgive, etc. to take another step.  I can clearly see the effects of not doing so, can you? 

Last night I had a dream about big cats, pumas and leopards and they were very friendly to me.  I wasn't afraid of them.  I know it had to with embracing fear.  Funny how that is.  Have you noticed things speeding up or is it just me?  It seems like if I don't get a lesson that I've been trying to learn, like judgement, it really comes flying back at me.  It never used to that quickly.  Has anyone noticed that?

More talk about some strange things, multi-dimensions, multi-dimensional beings, the coming changes (2012) but with a little different viewpoint, healing from within, acsention, astral travel, universal law and many more topics.  It is a great joy to talk to Shawn Neff for part 2.

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