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dogghosteimage.jpgThis show is dedicated to those who love their pets and have a natural connection to animals.  I have loved animals all of my life.  I had pets when I was a child up to early adulthood.  Some may think animals are just dumb creatures.  Are they?  Some may think that they are just here for us to use and abuse.  Are they?  While I think animals do serve us in many ways, we need to respect them, the same for all things.  What if there was a way to talk to the animals?  Have you ever felt that you and your pet were connected by thoughts and emotions.  Example:  A woman tells me she loses her boyfriend and is sad, her horse picks up on it and nuzzles up to her.  The boyfriend's dog, who is friendly to almost no one, comes over and lays his head in her lap.  Coincidence?   They say animals can pick up fear, right?  How?  They sense it.  Again, how?  Pehaps some of that can explained by my guest this week, her name is Jill Cornwell from Petosky Michigan.  She has been a telepathic animal communicator for 10 years now.  Some of you may have heard of Sonya Fitzpatrick, well that is how Jill got started by reading one of her books. 

Is there an animal heaven?  Do our pets come visit us after they pass?  Do our pets reincarnate?  What does it mean when our pets act up a bit?  Can we all learn how to tap into this ability?  Jill answers those questions and more on this show and she can even help you with a reading for your pet.  (at a very inexpensive price)  Jill's email:  JillCornwell@gmail.com  catdog.jpg

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