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C0028478.jpgThis weeks show is taken from the audio book of Spirit Of The Badge.  Ingrid provided me with this audio a while back, so now I'm finally getting around to using it.  There are three stories that all have a hint of the paranormal.  If you want to find out more about Ingrid's book and her audio book please go to:  www.spiritofthebadge.com

Have you ever had electrical things go off that weren't even plugged in?  Or didn't have batteries?  Would that creep you out?  Would you think that there has to be some sort of reasonable explanation?  Is it possible it could be a spirit?

Have you ever noticed strange or unusual activity from animals?  Have you ever felt you had communication from a loved one coming through an animal?  As weird as that sounds it has happened to me and I have heard it from others many times.


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