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January 28th, 2010

santuaryhome.gifWhen I first took a look at this site I thought- CULT.  Believe me, I don't just jump head first into anything and will not follow anyone or any belief to the ends of the Earth.  But, I had a good feeling about this, because I got the info from Jen Cupples, who supplies me with non stop possibilities.  And I got a real good feeling from just emailing back and forth to Shawn Neff, who lives with her family in Goodhart Michigan on a piece of ground they call The Sanctuary.  And I think Shawn was a litte carefull as well, she asked me all kinds of questions.  Now what is The Sanctuary?  I believe it is a place for healing and that's what caught my eye.  How great would it be to go to a place that can offer a chance at real healing from within, and if you don't have long lasting healing on the inside then you won't have it on the outside.   What if there are certain grids on the planet that just line up naturally with the Earth's own energies?  Do these exist?  Have you heard of Sedona Arizona?

As the interview progressed I got to hear about reincarnation, the collapsing of the 5th dimension so that things are becoming more transparent (thus allowing us to see more strange phenomena), the changes that are coming and the Indigo and Crystal children.  (which explains the behavior I have noticed in the last 20 years or so.  Plus we talk a bit about ascention.  Does that sound like crazy stuff?  Maybe it is and we all need medication, or maybe, just maybe, there might be some truth in what Shawn says.  What I really like is how Shawn chooses to phrase her words, very gently and non threatening.  I am not a fan of being preached to but I do want to hear all posibilities.  I also like the idea that if we start to clear some of this baggage that other doors will start to open.  Basically by letting more love in our heart, we can then receive more.  Does that make sense?

Shawn also talks about how she felt destined to open a sanctuary from her teenage years on.  She talks about how she could sense things at a young age and it even got her banished from her church.  Even though she was helping save a person's life.  So she set out on her own and with the help of her guides and other influences she wound up where she is today.  She tells me that she travels to other dimensions and has seen things like a dragon, a unicorn and other unusual critters.  I always believe that every fairytale has an origin and what if some of these things do exist?  What if some of the movies that draw millions to are really revealing a greater truth, like Avatar, and we are just naturally drawn because somewhere deep inside we recognize it?  I would have never made that assumption years ago, but now I see it clearly, or at least I think I do.

Regardless of what you may think is crazy-talk, Shawn really lifted my spirits with her message.  To be honest this is exactly why I do this show!  To show the connection between the paranormal and the so called normal.  To show that it is on the increase and to show that there are answers to all things!



January 21st, 2010

danannimated.jpgWe laugh, we talk, we shoot the breeze.  We share our beliefs.  Dan shares a story about what happens if you lower the vibration and allow others to take control.  This happened to a gal he dated.  Nothing to be afraid of, just don't lower your vibration.  Plus nothing (in my opinion) can control your soul or essence.  A few weeks back Dan called me and was a bit concerned about some of the things Jesse Ventura was saying, so we talk about those things too.  Why don't I go down this road more?  Isn't this a great truth that needs to be told?  Maybe, I don't know what's truth and what's fiction.   I used to follow those types of things but I stopped because it made me litterally sick.  I actually started to feel drained and weak.  So I stopped.  Whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest, I choose to focus on more uplifting things.  Or weird things.  And the way my show is set up most of my guests are speaking from experience, not speculation.  I will say this, if you want clarity try to avoid drinking water that has chemicals in it.  I will discuss this topic with next week's guest. 

Dan also describes how he goes into a higher state, and it actually sounds a little funny.  So we get a good laugh.  He uses the term dying the self, which I like the description, it reminds me of staying humble.  Didn't we get humbled during 9-11?  What about Katrina?  Haiti?  Is the universe trying to send us a message?


January 14th, 2010

johnhomemain.jpgLast week we talked about how at the age of 37 and at his lowest point, John St. Augustine decided to go on a walk-about, if you will, for about a 1000 miles.  One of the stories that John didn't share with you when he was on that journey had to do with stopping at some small country store and delivering a message for the owners.  I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was something they needed to hear.  Years later he was on a radio station in Milwaukee as a guest and coincidently this same couple heard him on the air and called in.  This in turn led to a joyfull reunion for all.  These are the kind of things that seem to happen a lot to John.  These are the kind of things that happen to others as well when they are willing to take the next step.  Some of you may have already noticed this.  Like John says you may not always know what it means so maybe you shouldn't dwell on it for two long, just see if you can put the pieces together.  Why do these things happen?  Are they by choice?  Were they prearranged?  Could they be both?  As you may recall from part one, this walk led him to realizing his next course in life; radio.

The Bear and The Buffalo.  John saw a white buffalo years ago up here in Upper Michigan.  I'm sorry, there are no buffaloes, at least not anymore.  He also saw a black bear cross in front of him not long ago on the highway not far from Milwaukee, it ran into a corn field and didn't move the corn.  How does that happen?  Was it a message of some sorts?  Does this have something to do with the Children Of The Corn?  Actually, no, it had nothing to do with that Stephen King movie, at least that I'm aware of.  But, like many things, there is more to the story.  Have you ever seen something you couldn't believe?  Or have you ever seen an animal doing something that it would normally not do?  Was it really an animal?  Could it have been a spirit, not a ghost, but spirit with a message? 

Finally we talk about being humbled, which seems to be part of our awakening process.  How many of my guests have hinted around about that?  Why does this seem to happen?  Perhaps we aren't who we think we are?


new book:  Every Moment Matters, Savoring The Stuff Of Life


January 6th, 2010

johnspeaksmall.jpg  The other day I got a call from an old friend, we hadn't seen each other in a while.  That does not bother me, I don't need to see someone to know that I am still connected with them.  A couple of months ago we talked over the phone, I happened to call him at just the right time.  That has happened many times in this friendship, he will call me and remind me of what I have forgotten, things like letting go, or forgiving, or whatever.  The same in return.  John St. Augustine used to work with me here in Escanaba at our AM radio station.  He was a talk show host, he is also the one who suggested that I start doing a talk show.  I thought he was nuts at the time, which he still may be, but he was right.  What drew me to his talkshow was his message, one of hope and self awareness.  John has spoken in front of many crowds and is well received, he has written books, hosted his own show, and produced radio shows on XM satelite for Oprah Winfrey's radio network.  When John became a friend, it was a wakeup call to persue my true passion.  I think, (actually I know) it was all planned a long time ago before either one of us arrived on the planet.

What we have in common is that we both believe in the power of our thoughts and feelings.  Also our focus on our journey and perhaps a little paranormal.  We both have read Masters Of The Far East and enjoyed the teaching.  John has gone the extra mile to help others, but on the other hand he is quite human, like myself.  So join me this week as it gives me great pleasure to bring on an old friend, one who speaks his message well.


Part one is mostly about his journey and what led him to where his is now.  Some of it is inspiring, and part of it fits into what some of you are used to with this show, strange things from the unknown!



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