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johnspeaksmall.jpg  The other day I got a call from an old friend, we hadn't seen each other in a while.  That does not bother me, I don't need to see someone to know that I am still connected with them.  A couple of months ago we talked over the phone, I happened to call him at just the right time.  That has happened many times in this friendship, he will call me and remind me of what I have forgotten, things like letting go, or forgiving, or whatever.  The same in return.  John St. Augustine used to work with me here in Escanaba at our AM radio station.  He was a talk show host, he is also the one who suggested that I start doing a talk show.  I thought he was nuts at the time, which he still may be, but he was right.  What drew me to his talkshow was his message, one of hope and self awareness.  John has spoken in front of many crowds and is well received, he has written books, hosted his own show, and produced radio shows on XM satelite for Oprah Winfrey's radio network.  When John became a friend, it was a wakeup call to persue my true passion.  I think, (actually I know) it was all planned a long time ago before either one of us arrived on the planet.

What we have in common is that we both believe in the power of our thoughts and feelings.  Also our focus on our journey and perhaps a little paranormal.  We both have read Masters Of The Far East and enjoyed the teaching.  John has gone the extra mile to help others, but on the other hand he is quite human, like myself.  So join me this week as it gives me great pleasure to bring on an old friend, one who speaks his message well.


Part one is mostly about his journey and what led him to where his is now.  Some of it is inspiring, and part of it fits into what some of you are used to with this show, strange things from the unknown!


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