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danannimated.jpgWe laugh, we talk, we shoot the breeze.  We share our beliefs.  Dan shares a story about what happens if you lower the vibration and allow others to take control.  This happened to a gal he dated.  Nothing to be afraid of, just don't lower your vibration.  Plus nothing (in my opinion) can control your soul or essence.  A few weeks back Dan called me and was a bit concerned about some of the things Jesse Ventura was saying, so we talk about those things too.  Why don't I go down this road more?  Isn't this a great truth that needs to be told?  Maybe, I don't know what's truth and what's fiction.   I used to follow those types of things but I stopped because it made me litterally sick.  I actually started to feel drained and weak.  So I stopped.  Whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest, I choose to focus on more uplifting things.  Or weird things.  And the way my show is set up most of my guests are speaking from experience, not speculation.  I will say this, if you want clarity try to avoid drinking water that has chemicals in it.  I will discuss this topic with next week's guest. 

Dan also describes how he goes into a higher state, and it actually sounds a little funny.  So we get a good laugh.  He uses the term dying the self, which I like the description, it reminds me of staying humble.  Didn't we get humbled during 9-11?  What about Katrina?  Haiti?  Is the universe trying to send us a message?

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