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A Poltergeist and The Lady On The Road

November 27th, 2009

695734_100.jpgA little creepy this week.  Valentine Mankey joins me from a small village just north of Lansing Michigan.  Valentine found my podcast and sent me an email describing her many ghostly tales, some are pretty remarkable.  She didn't think anyone would be interested and has kept these stories mostly to herself for most of her life.  I am so glad that she now is willing to pass those stories on so that maybe others will step forward and not fear ridicule.  Some may step forward and just do it for attention, that may happen.  Some may make up stories, that may happen too.  I try to get a feel for people as I talk to them to see where they are coming from, and I can't say if I'm 100% accurate, but I have a real good feeling about Valentine.  One, she tells her stories plainly without feeling the need to make them more entertaining.  She strikes me as a real down to earth individual who doesn't mince words, and isn't doing this for attention.   What may be lost in this is how remarkable she truly is.  She has an ability that comes naturally that most of us don't discover in our lifetime, and she doesn't make a big deal out of it.  She kept telling me: Aw, anybody can do this.  Maybe so. 

Have you ever felt a very unusual presence in your home?  Valentine did and she knew where it came from and dealt with it in her own way. 

I have heard of ghost hitchhikers that have actually gotten a ride from people who thought they were alive at the time.  Imagine doing that?  How would you feel?  Valentine had a similar incident, although the woman, a ghost, was walking along a road and, well I'll let you hear the story and see what you think.

Those are only two of many from my guest this week:  Valentine Mankey.


November 19th, 2009

2013_smaller.jpgThanks to Linda Godfrey for the contact, I finally got around to connecting with Marie D. Jones about her book 2013, The End Of Days Or A New Beginning.  Are you freaked out with what may be coming?  Is there anything coming at all?  This week I have a guest that takes a bit more of a scientific approach to what may happen in 2012.  Marie doesn't think that much will happen, at least not on the scale that some have said.  Marie explains what she really thinks the Mayan calender meant, and how there doesn't seem to be evidence of a polar shift.  Is the 2012 event overhyped?  I think so.  Will anything happen at all?  I don't know.  We both agree that it could be more of a spiritual awakening than anything else.  I think it is healthy to hear more than one view point on this subject.  Does anyone really know for sure?

Marie has written many books, she has been on Coast To Coast with George Noory, The History Channels Nostradomas Effect, and many other programs.  Marie is a New Thought/Metaphysics minister with extensive background in metaphysics, spiritual studies, and the paranormal.  Marie spent 15 years with MUFON in LA and San Diego.  She is the current director of Special Projects to the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team.

Below is her new book and website information.




November 12th, 2009

evolutionconspiracy.jpgLisa was on not that long ago talking about her new book, this time we delve into some of her personal beliefs.  I always like doing that.  Is there a "conspiracy" when it comes to theories about evolution?  Are there those who know it doesn't quite add up but are not willing to admit it?  There was just some survey realeased today that said 39% of people in the U.S. believe in evolution.  You might say, so what?  I look at it this way, if we are being lied to (or just mislead by ignorance) about evolution, what other false truths do we believe in?  Lisa's approach to this topic is very scientific, as usual.  She always spends years of research before she releases anything.  I respect that.  What's neat about this interview is that I got her to speculate as to our true origins and other phenomena.  She has witnessed ufo's first hand, investigated for MUFON, investigated bigfoot sightings, had some kind of bigfoot/sasquatch communication, and has seen mysterious huge orbs in the woods.  Do you think she's a crackpot?  I hope not.  I know her mother and father as well, and they are just regular down to earth folks.  Her mom has had a few strange things happen and her dad is mainly a skeptic, although he did see some sort of mysterious hairy thing staring at him in the woods.  It was upright and wasn't a bear.  They all live in an isolated part of the U.P. on 40 acres of land and are happy with that.  It's a bit remote but nature is right at their fingertips.  They have horses, the weird thing is that something was braiding the horses hair.  Now who would be around to do that considering their location? 

This week I gladly welcome back Lisa Shiel.



November 4th, 2009

TenDegreesofReckoningcovernew.jpgThis week I am on vacation, again.  Isn't it great?  Maybe not so much for you?  Since I'm a country bumkin and have dial up internet at home, I am merely uploading a show that already ran.  My friend Kathy notified me recently that this book is now doing pretty well.  I interviewed the author a while back and I don't know how many have heard the story.  It is pretty amazing.  It is a story of survival, determination, incredible will, love and divine assistance.  Hestor Rumberg is a good friend of Judith Sleavin's, and moved forward to tell her amazing story.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Is there always a greater purpose?  Are there angels or spirit guides around us?

If you already heard this show, sorry, if you haven't it is inspiring to hear how one woman survived an ordeal that most would not.  Next week Lisa Shiel discusses her book Evolution Conspiracies and we speculate as to our true origins!


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