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A Poltergeist and The Lady On The Road


695734_100.jpgA little creepy this week.  Valentine Mankey joins me from a small village just north of Lansing Michigan.  Valentine found my podcast and sent me an email describing her many ghostly tales, some are pretty remarkable.  She didn't think anyone would be interested and has kept these stories mostly to herself for most of her life.  I am so glad that she now is willing to pass those stories on so that maybe others will step forward and not fear ridicule.  Some may step forward and just do it for attention, that may happen.  Some may make up stories, that may happen too.  I try to get a feel for people as I talk to them to see where they are coming from, and I can't say if I'm 100% accurate, but I have a real good feeling about Valentine.  One, she tells her stories plainly without feeling the need to make them more entertaining.  She strikes me as a real down to earth individual who doesn't mince words, and isn't doing this for attention.   What may be lost in this is how remarkable she truly is.  She has an ability that comes naturally that most of us don't discover in our lifetime, and she doesn't make a big deal out of it.  She kept telling me: Aw, anybody can do this.  Maybe so. 

Have you ever felt a very unusual presence in your home?  Valentine did and she knew where it came from and dealt with it in her own way. 

I have heard of ghost hitchhikers that have actually gotten a ride from people who thought they were alive at the time.  Imagine doing that?  How would you feel?  Valentine had a similar incident, although the woman, a ghost, was walking along a road and, well I'll let you hear the story and see what you think.

Those are only two of many from my guest this week:  Valentine Mankey.

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